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New Zealand Warriors confirm fan has NOT been banned for constantly doing 'shoeys'

New Zealand Warriors confirm fan has NOT been banned for constantly doing 'shoeys'

The NRL team have denied reports that the supporter has been slapped with a life ban for doing a shoey in front of the coach's box.

The Warrior fan who sunk a ‘shoey’ over the weekend has not been slapped with a lifetime ban despite believing he had been permanently kicked out of Mt Smart Stadium.

Calley Gibbons became a New Zealand icon on Friday (August 12) night after he was spotted on TV sculling a beer from his shoe.

The fan was situated in front of the coach's box, a spot where he has sat as a member since 2006, when he lit the crowd on fire with his drinking display.

The 31-year-old appeared on Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking Breakfast, saying: "Pretty much every year when they've gone to the coaches' box I've always stood up and given a wave or a finger point or sculled a beer. But after more than a thousand days of not playing at home I thought I'd do something different and give the crowd a bit of a laugh about it.”

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However, some weren’t too pleased with his antics with Gibbons kicked out of the game and told he’d get a lifetime ban from a certain security guard on a ‘power trip’.

Gibbons continued: "He pretty much focussed in on me as soon as we got to the game. Right when we took our seats he came along and made a big scene. He wanted me to move along so I'm not in front of the coach's box. And I said 'that's not right. We have all these seats, we can choose which one we want to sit on'. And right from then he thought 'I don't like this guy'".

"I honestly don't know what the whole situation was for but he came up to me after trying to shift us from the seats and he said 'if you drink out of that shoe, you're gone'. And I said 'what law am I breaking? Who am I hurting here?'.

Fox League

"I wasn't intoxicated. I purchased the drink from the venue, I should be allowed to consume it how I want. Bottle, cup or shoe."

Gibbons reveals that the same security guard told him he would be copping a lifetime ban from Mt Smart Stadium, however, after talking with the Warriors says that he’ll be back for the final home game of the season against the Cowboys.

The Warriors confirmed the news, releasing a statement this morning (August 15).

The statement read: “Claims have circulated over the weekend that Vodafone Warriors member Calley Gibbons was informed he had been served with a lifetime ban when stadium security asked him to leave Mount Smart Stadium on Friday night.

“We have confirmed with Auckland Stadiums that no such ban was imposed. Calley is a loyal member and we look forward to having him back at Mount Smart Stadium for our next match on September 3 and for Vodafone Warriors games in the future.”

Sounds like one overzealous security guard got a little too big for his boots. 

A win for shoey connoisseurs everywhere.

Featured Image Credit: Fox League. NRL/Supplied.

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