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Rory McIlroy Reckons He Could Get Away With Doping In Golf

Rory McIlroy Reckons He Could Get Away With Doping In Golf

Worrying news.



Rory McIlroy isn't doing all too much to help the reputation of his sport right now although unlike his issue with watching golf at the Olympics on tv his worry about doping is pretty spot on. This is really poor from the sport.

McIlroy has brought a lot of criticism on himself firstly for backing out of the Olympics in Rio, along with the three men ahead of him in the world rankings, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson, citing zika virus as the reason and then saying he wouldn't even turn on his tv to watch his own sport at The Games.

However the Northern Irishman brought some controversy to the fore by revealing how little golfers are drug tested, claiming he could dope and get away with it, and his criticism of the sport is certainly spot on here;

"It's not a very robust anti-doping policy. There aren't many tests and it's all secret. I could use HGH [human growth hormone] and get away with it. You can't really pick it up in a urine test."

The four time major winner continued saying that if the sport wanted to be taken seriously then drug testing would have to be done more adding, "Blood-testing is something that needs to happen in golf just to make sure it is a clean sport going forward. If golf is in the Olympics and golf wants to be seen as a mainstream sport it has to get in line with other sports that test more rigorously."

And then compared how many times he's been tested in comparison to how it is in other sports saying, "I haven't been blood-tested yet. On average I get tested four to five times a year, which is very little compared to the rest of the Olympic sports. I think drug testing in golf is still quite far behind some of the other sports."

And the Daily Mail's graphic proved just how far behind other sports golf is in terms of testing, it's even behind equestrian sports:

It's easy to disagree with much of what McIlroy's said recently but now when it comes to this.

(h/t The Times)

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