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New AR golf glasses could be a game changer for players who struggle on the putting green

New AR golf glasses could be a game changer for players who struggle on the putting green

Major winner Bryson DeChambeau is a fan of the augmented reality [AR] glasses.

Do you struggle reading greens? Are you always three-putting your way around the local course? Well, these AR glasses could potentially help in your quest for putting perfection.

Germany-based technology company PuttView claim they have created the world’s first true Augmented Reality sports application to help enhance your skills in the fundamentals of putting.

From reading the green and perfecting your aim, to mastering speed control, PuttView X glasses use Microsoft’s HoloLens AR technology to illustrate every aspect of a putt directly onto the green.

To put it simply, the technology in the glasses projects an exact line at the optimum speed for every putt – and they take into account every bump and slope on the green.

All slopes on the green are illustrated like a topographical map, while contour lines help you understand the impact of gravity on the ball and to help you read breaks better on the course.

Image credit: YouTube/Rick Shiels Golf
Image credit: YouTube/Rick Shiels Golf

YouTube creator Rick Shiels recently reviewed the product on his channel.

"There are sensors in the googles that map the putting green," he explains in the below video. "Every bump, hollow. Everything you need to know. Through technology in the back, it calculates exactly what the putt needs to do."

Bryson DeChambeau, a major winner following his win at the US Open in 2020, said the PuttView X glasses are "monumental for becoming a better putter" in a YouTube video last year.

Rick Shiels agrees in a sense, but the price could be seen as a real stumbling block.

"I've been testing these glasses for quite a while and they are mind blowing," Shiels says."It's impressive. It really is. There is, however, a little bit of a kicker. For these, the first iteration version... they are £12,500."

He adds: "They are illegal. You aren't allowed to use them in tournament play. They are just for practice. At the moment, they are a coaching tool."

Despite the five-figure price tag, Shiels is impressed by the technology used in the glasses.

"I am excited," he said. "Imagine one day, when can just have a set of sunglasses that you can turn on and bang, that's what you can see.

"PuttView glasses are pretty cool. The price definitely needs to come down for consumers. There's a few little bugs. You can't go super long with your putts but I'm impressed."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/RickShielsGolf

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