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The Big Show Reveals How John Cena Helped Him Get In Shape

The Big Show Reveals How John Cena Helped Him Get In Shape


At his biggest The Big Show, real name Paul Wight, was touted as a 500 pound, seven foot giant. Now, while still standing tall above all of his opponents, he's dropped a lot of weight as he follows his quest to become lean and be in better shape.


He's reportedly lost close to 70 pounds in seven months with the help of celebrity trainer Dodd Romero, combating his previous poor diet and poor training techniques, getting him in the best shape of his life for Wrestlemania 33.

At 45-years-old, it's not really an age when people, even athletes, dedicate themselves to becoming better than they've ever been. However, a combination of a tumor that formed on his pituitary gland during childhood, causing him to balloon in weight, and wise words from John Cena, put the giant on the right path.

Cena, the embodiment of what wrestling is these days, lives by the gym, clean eating, being the man and all that bollocks. You'd assume that his diet was full of protein, salads, smoothies and all the rest of it, but apparently his favourite thing is eat is, well... Nikki Bella.

Not entirely sure that's going to worm its way onto Big Show's menu.


Rather than talking about the best foods to eat, it was actually a conversation with the 16-time world champion about his abs and marketability that persuaded The World's Largest Athlete to hit the gym hard.

"John sets the bar pretty high for every Superstar, and I'm not just kissing his butt because he's John Cena," Show told "He's a hell of an individual, and we were joking one day. We were talking about getting in shape and I said, 'Ah, what the hell is a giant gonna do with abs?'

"John looked at me with a straight face and said, 'Yeah. A giant with abs. That wouldn't be marketable at all.' And he walked off."

Originally Wight took the comment as a bit of shot at him, though decided he'd use it as motivation to actually get lean.

He continued: "It was kind of a shot, but [later] John reached out and congratulated me on the work I've done. That meant a lot. To have that respect from him was a big boost."

Right now, as Show prepares to face Shaq at Wrestlemania in April, he's training most days. He says that a lot of his free time is spent in the gym, focusing on getting his metabolism up, counting on high reps and low weights.

"I'm not trying to build muscle right now, I'm trying to keep my metabolism up, keep my tendons strong, keep my joints good, and cut a lot of fat," he said. "We'll get to the muscle-building end of it once I get my body fat down to where I want it to be."

Unfortunately he has had to ditch pizza, ice cream, and meatball subs from his diet, so he's definitely serious about it.

I think the biggest question of all is how he had a conversation with John Cena. How the fuck did he see him?

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The Big Show Reveals How John Cena Helped Him Get In Shape

The Big Show Reveals How John Cena Helped Him Get In Shape

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