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Luke Littler posted on his Snapchat story just 10 minutes before World Championship final, he's got ice in his veins

Luke Littler posted on his Snapchat story just 10 minutes before World Championship final, he's got ice in his veins

The 16-year-old was clearly not feeling the pressure ahead of his match against Luke Humphries.

Luke Littler was active on Snapchat, just 10 minutes before walking out to play for £500,000 in the World Darts Championship final against Luke Humphries.

The 16-year-old has beaten Christian Kist, Andrew Gilding, Matt Campbell, Raymond van Barneveld, Brendan Dolan and Rob Cross on his way to Wednesday's final.

He has been cool, calm and collected throughout this winter's tournament. In fact, just moments before walking on to 'Greenlight' by Pitbull and Flo Rida, the youngster was relaxing on his phone.

Littler posted a snap of a dartboard alongside the message: "Too many messages out there. See you in 10 mins."

His relaxed nature, despite there being so much on the line, was a talking point as he impressed against world number one Luke Humphries.

Image credit: X/@StokeyyG2
Image credit: X/@StokeyyG2

One fan wrote: "Ice in the veins. He is here for a long time," while another commented: "Built different."

A third said: "Surprised he’s allowed his phone in that environment so close to the final starting. Don’t football players for example have to hand them in pre-match? But I get the sentiment it’s unreal and shows how relaxed he is."

A fourth added: "Don't care if he loses. This is the pinnacle of sport."

In other news, Littler has been offered a job as a 'Kebab Taste Tester' if he fails to beat Humphries in Wednesday's World Darts Championship final at the Alexandra Palace, London.

As you can see from the letter below, tour operator company On The Beach Group penned a message to Littler ahead of the finale.


Dear Luke,

We've been watching you... Not in a weird way, but on TV; throwing darts and smashing the trebles more often than a night out on the Magaluf strip (hard luck on missing the Big Fish by the way.)

We're writing to you to, firstly, wish you luck in tonight's semi-final against Rob Cross (boo!) BUT, if you don't win, us lot here at On the Beach, the home of package holidays, have a proposition for you...

You may have heard that we've got more holidays to Turkey than you can shake a beach towel at. In fact, we're the Kings of Turkey, and we heard on the grapevine that you're the King of Kebabs.

So, if you don't win the World Darts Championship, we'd love to offer you a job in the home of kebabs: Turkey. Our offer consists of you becoming our 'Top Kebab Taste Tester' and yes, that is the official title.

We'll sort the whole thing, send you on holiday and take you to our top Turkish hotels - let someone else worry about flights and check-outs for once.

While you're over there, you'll get to try every hotels' kebab offering, sample their poolside dart boards and report back to us. A job almost as simple as hitting a 180. For you, anyway.

Look at it this way, it's a free holiday for as long as you want, travelling around doing the two things you love, throwing darts and eating kebabs. What more could you want?

Anyway, offer's there if you want it. Think about it...

Darts career? Or living the life in Turkey? I know which one I'd pick. We await your reply.

Featured Image Credit: PDC - Luke Littler/Snapchat

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