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Man 'gets kicked out of the gym for being too strong'

Ryan Sidle

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Man 'gets kicked out of the gym for being too strong'

A powerlifting gym goer was kicked out of a gym by one of the co-owners for managing to lift 'too much' weight, which is a hell of a flex.

Powerlifter Rob Lewy headed off the gym as he would on any normal day but found his session cut short by one of the co-owners.

Whilst lifting a weight that would make most of us wince, and not get close to lifting, Lewy was told that it wasn't a powerlifting gym and asked to leave, you can see his video below.


Rob was shocked to find that the 515 lbs worth of weights were 'too much' for the premises whilst he was filming his workout.

He then uploaded the video of the conversation he had with the co-owner onto social media.

"Got kicked out the gym", he captioned the video. "It's hard to hear [the gym owner] so he basically said: 'I'm sorry this not a powerlifting gym, I feel bad, should [have] had them tell you in the beginning, I can refund your money back.'

"The other brother owner called me last night apologising for bad customer service, saying 'this should’ve never happened, I can come back or he will do anything to make [the] situation better,' basically pleading for me to not take it further.

"Basically said his brother is a good guy just can be a head case at times and yesterday he had billing issues with customers and was frustrated, so that could be a reason why he took it out on me unfortunately.

"On the waiver it doesn’t have a weight limit for any equipment so I should’ve never been kicked out."

This power lifter got kicked out of the gym for lifting too much. Credit: Instagram/@roblewy
This power lifter got kicked out of the gym for lifting too much. Credit: Instagram/@roblewy

Rob wasn't causing a scene or making any noise or messing about during his session so it's crazy to think there was any reason to tell him he couldn't lift that much weight.

Surely you'd want people like that in your gym, although maybe it would make the rest of the gym goers feel bad about themselves, but it should be inspiring to everyone else.

"How embarrassing…. The gym owners should be proud to have monsters in the gym like this guy," one person replied to Rob on social media.

"What the heck…this gym owner should be ashamed of himself," a second added.

And the support for the powerlifter kept coming, "Amazing work man. I just don't understand why you can't lift, whatever you are capable of lifting," a third said.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ RobLewy

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Ryan Sidle
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