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Man was jailed for 19 months after 'accidentally' dropping weight on fellow gym goer

Man was jailed for 19 months after 'accidentally' dropping weight on fellow gym goer

Shane William Ryan claimed he dropped the weight by 'accident' but that's not how the judge saw the incident in 2020.

One gym goer was jailed for 19 months after he attacked the only other person in the gym with a weight, despite claiming it was an accident.

There's a lot of gym etiquette that one needs to stick to if they want to get fit or keep fit inside the building that Homer Simpson doesn't know how to pronounce.

One 'spotter' got a bit of hatred on social media recently when he was accused of not helping the person he was supposed to be giving a helping hand too.

However at least that didn't actually put his gym buddies life in danger, unlike what happened in 2020 near Darwin, in Australia.

CCTV footage spotted Shane William Ryan 'accidentally' tripping and smacking his friend in the head with a 20kg weight, fracturing the other man's skull.

He was just minding his own business on the bench press when the incident with Ryan occurred, and you can see the shocking scenes below.

Ryan, 34, had initially claimed that the incident was an 'accident' and that he'd just tripped whilst carrying the weight and hitting the other man.

They were said to have had an amicable and friendly relationship in the gym and there was no known reason for the attack to have happened.

The accused later changed his plea to guilty and in March 2022 he was jailed for 19 months after the judge didn't think it was an accident.

Remaining nameless the victim told the Daily Mail: "I have not told my mum and dad about it as I did not want to stress them so don't want to say much about it."

The victim received a fractured skull and a cut to his eyebrow, swelling of the face as well as chest pains and understandably a headache.

Ryan sat with his victim after calling and waiting for the ambulance, after initially walking away following the incident that he'd caused.

Shane Ryan.

Ryan refused a mental health assessment and did not give a reason for the attack on the man who had even tagged him in a social media post not long prior to the attack.

A source close to the guilty party said: "He's always been a very hard worker and I think he's just dealing with mental health problems."

"My heart is broken for the victim and his family.

"My thoughts are with them."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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