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People rage after video of spotter letting bench-presser 'suffer' without helping goes viral

Jayden Collins

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People rage after video of spotter letting bench-presser 'suffer' without helping goes viral

The role of the spotter within the gym is to support the lifter and ensure you can keep them safe if they fail a rep.

But I’m not too sure this guy knew the assignment.

One confusing incident has gone viral online showing one bench lifter attempting a serious rep of at least 150kg (345 lbs).

As he sets himself and takes the bar down to his chest it’s clear he isn’t lifting that weight back up.


So presumably this is when the spotter steps in to save the day, right?

Apparently not.

The lifter struggles and squirms before eventually dropping the bar of weight onto his chest as he attempts to wriggle off the bench.


Eventually, he makes his way to safety, but not before looking like he’s in a serious amount of trouble.

All whilst the lad standing behind him stands as lackadaisical as possible.

He really just lets him fight for his life.

The video received 1.2 million views on TikTok and 4.9 million over on Twitter at the time of writing.


And unsurprisingly, people were less than impressed with the efforts of the spotter.

One wrote: “That’s attempted murder.”

Another said: “Wow, this dude should be ‘cancelled’ from all gyms.”

A third quipped: “Dude must have stolen his girl or something.”


The video came from TikTok user kingbishop73, who after a bit of a scroll through his page, seemingly has a record of failing his sets and refusing others' help - for some reason.

He captioned the viral video: “I told him not to help but it’s funny how he thought about it then he was like nahhh.”

So you’re telling me, you wanted that to happen.


TikTok users were even more confused by the video.

One said: “Why is bro even there.”

Another wrote: “Don’t blame him, you said don’t help.”

Another user added: “I have never in my life been so confused by a video.”

On second thought, I don’t think either guy understood the assignment.

Featured Image Credit: @kingbishop73/TikTok.

Topics: Gym, Weightlifting

Jayden Collins
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