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FIFA 20 Player's Bizarre 'Never-Before-Seen Goal' Goes Viral And Leaves Fans Speechless

FIFA 20 Player's Bizarre 'Never-Before-Seen Goal' Goes Viral And Leaves Fans Speechless

"I can’t even imagine anything more outrageous than this. Like you can’t write this stuff," a FIFA 20 player wrote in response to the clip.

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz

A FIFA 20 player went viral on the FIFA subreddit after posting the most bizarre and outrageous goal scored on the game to date.

Reddit user u/PSGAcademy uploaded footage from a match between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid, with Los Blancos leading the clash 2-1.

And when it appeared as though Dortmund had found the equaliser, the strangest thing imaginable happened.

The Dortmund player was in a one-on-one showdown with the goalkeeper and fired the shot straight at the outstretched Madrid shot-stopper.

But the ball incredibly rebounded off the goalkeeper with significant power and curl that it flew to the outside of the Dortmund box.

Dortmund's goalkeeper came charging out to stop the ball, but it bounced on the edge of the box before whipping around the player and landing in the back of the net.

The clip even caught the eye of YouTuber MattHDGamer, who called it the "best save in FIFA history" on Twitter.

The Reddit post has received over a whopping 8,000 upvotes and fans are left speechless by what they've seen.

Reddit user AleIAm08 posted: "Ok, you win. Nothing could ever beat this."

While another said: "I can't even imagine anything more outrageous than this. Like you can't write this stuff."

And Ronaldo2355 simply posted: "Holy f*****g s**t dude."

A fourth added: "I've seen a lot of BS FIFA goals over the years, but this right here might be the winner. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!"

And other fans are convinced that the ludicrous goal settles the debate that FIFA is scripted.




User ssugamer90 wrote: "If anyone tells me fifa isn't scripted. I'm sending them this from now on."

While another responded: "Same. Been playing FIFA since '98, this is by far the best example of bad code/scripting in FIFA."

A third user, mrperiwinkleblue, posted: "mods can we pin this? This settles the debate of scripting is real or fake."

And risk2798 added: "This literally proves scripting level infinity xD."

For those unfamiliar with scripting, it's the notion where a line of the game's coding springs into action to change the momentum of the match if one side is too dominant.

While it's unproven if scripting in FIFA is real -- and EA Sports has denied this -- a majority of players believe that the game is scripted.

Featured Image Credit: u/PSGAcademy/Reddit

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