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LeBron James Says He Wants To Own An NBA Team In Wild U.S. City

LeBron James Says He Wants To Own An NBA Team In Wild U.S. City

This would be unreal!

After recently being named the first active NBA player in history to become a billionaire, LeBron James knows exactly how he's going to splash his cash.

The Los Angeles Lakers megastar has registered his interest in owning a team in the NBA – and he's got a particular location in mind.

"I want to own a team. I want to buy a team, for sure," LeBron told Uninterrupted.

"I would much rather own a team than talk [on TV].

"I want a team in Vegas."

Las Vegas remains one of the only major cities in the United States which doesn't currently have an NBA franchise.

But given the amount of people (and money) coming through Sin City every single week, it would appear the ideal place to launch a sports team – just as the Raiders.

The NFL franchise relocated to bright neon light of Vegas following stints in Oakland and Los Angeles and their move has been considered a success so far.

The Aces and Golden Knights are also recently-established Vegas-based sports teams.


But now seems the right time for an NBA team to finally enter the region.

The wild, wild city already hosts the Summer League games as well as a bunch of collegiate basketball competitions throughout the season.

League expansion has been a hot topic of debate as of late with rumours suggesting two more teams could be added to the 30 existing franchises.

NBA die-hards have been keen to see Seattle get another team going again ever since the Sonics folded in 2008, but there's talks that the second expansion side could be one hailing from the fabulous Las Vegas.

And if there's one person capable of bringing it to life, it's one of the greatest and longest-serving NBA players in history: LeBron James.

Oh, and having a bank account which reads three commas certainly helps too.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy / Instagram / UNINTERRUPTED

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