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Hasbulla says some of his friends are 'after his money' in honest video

Hasbulla says some of his friends are 'after his money' in honest video

The viral sensation made the claims on social media.

Hasbulla Magomedov believes some of his friends are only friends with him for his wealth.

The viral sensation updates fans with images of his lavish lifestyle on social media, regularly driving in expensive cars while wearing designer clothing.

He took to Instagram earlier this week to discuss how fame has impacted his social life.

Hasbulla shared the video himself before quickly deleting it. Since then, a fan account has re-uploaded the video with a translation.

The teenager admitted: "I want my closest friends to be normal people.

"A few good close friends, that's enough for me. Because lately, they are after my money. Everyone is asking for money. That's why I want that.

"I'm on a spending spree. When I go somewhere for example to Dubai or somewhere else. When I'm back, suddenly everyone comes at me 'bro, bro'."

Hasbulla is close with UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov among others in MMA circles.

The Dagestan native went on to reveal his circle has shrunk in recent months as he attempts to cut out those who only want his money.

He continued: "I'm thinking what is going on here. Turns out they knew I made some money when I was there.

"Everyone was after my money calling me bro and stuff. Now I understand what is going on - I have to narrow down my circle of friends."

Hasbulla burst onto the scene last year after feuding with TikTok star Abdu Rozik. The duo attended UFC 267 in Abu Dhabi last October and nearly came to blows in the crowd.

That same event saw Hasbulla celebrate in the Octagon after Islam Makhachev's victory over Dan Hooker.

He's conceded his life in the limelight has been 'hard' despite what you may think.

He added: "So don't dream of this kind of life. It's not like people think, it is not that good.

"Sometimes takes me here, sometimes take me there. All everyone sees is how much money I make.

"This is a hard life brother. Very hard - I don't recommend it.

"The most important thing is you are healthy, happy and joyful. So, we'll carry on."

Hasbulla is currently feuding with Conor McGregor who recently offered to spar him in the UFC in a now-deleted tweet.

'The Notorious' recently called his potential foe, nicknamed 'Mini Khabib', a 'smelly little inbred' and threatened to 'volley' him.

Featured Image Credit: Hasbulla Magomedov

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