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Aussie MMA Fighter Praised By UFC Stars For Defending Himself During Street Fight

Aussie MMA Fighter Praised By UFC Stars For Defending Himself During Street Fight

The combat sports community has rallied behind the Aussie bloke, praising him for the way he handled the situation.

An MMA fighter from Australia has been praised for the way he handled an altercation in the street and a bunch of UFC stars have also leapt to the bloke's defence too. Check out the footage below.

Aussie mixed martial artist Viktor Lyall appeared to be confronted by two men and a woman in an alleyway on a night out.

Now, we're not exactly how the altercation started and who is to blame, but we certainly know who finished it.

Judging by the videos posted online, the loud trio seem to approach Lyall looking for a scrap.

It starts off with some verbals with all sorts of horrible words and threats being thrown about, but Lyall remains calm as both men try to close the distance and approach him.

At one point, one of the blokes faints to throw a punch but Lyall simply pushes him back.

Rather stupidly, one of the shirtless lads then attempts to do the same thing, although this time he was met with a Stockton slap – the sort of move we're used to seeing UFC star Nate Diaz pull out.

Lyall then told the group not-so-politely where to go.

The two men didn't take too kindly to the warning slap and began circling Lyall which is when he sprung into action and launched a head kick which caught the shirtless fella flush on the chops.

After getting back to his feet, the guys fancied another crack and decided it'd be smart to throw a punch in Lyall's direction.

Bad move.

The professionally-trained MMA fighter saw it coming and ducked out of the way before landing a left hook of his own which dropped the bloke again.


With street fights and sucker punches being such a big topic of conversation Down Under at the moment, footage of the incident doesn't exactly make for particularly pleasant viewing.

However, a bunch of people within the combat sports community have heaped praise on Lyall for the way he handled the situation.

BKFC star Bec Rodriguez posted the clip, saying: "Not all heroes wear capes. *back story* these two grubs were bashing a guy in the alley way, stomping on him when @impalervikki intervened & handed them some street justice!!"

Former UFC fighter Suman Mokhtarian commented: “There’s nothing that makes me happier! I found my new street hero @impalervikki you SK 😂👊🏼”

Boxing world champion Shannon Briggs added: "They fight different in #brownsville #LETSGOCHAMP"

While MMA fighter Raquel Canuto wrote: “This was painful to watch lol i wish the guy in red got more lol and the girl... my gosh.”

And Conor McGregor's training partner Peter Queally simply said: "Superb."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/impalervikki

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