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Former UFC Star Now Sells Used Socks For Cash, She Makes More Than Ever Before

Former UFC Star Now Sells Used Socks For Cash, She Makes More Than Ever Before

Felice Herrig has revealed she is making more cash on OnlyFans than when she was a fighter in the UFC.

Ex UFC star Felice Herrig has revealed she is making more cash selling used socks and pictures of her feet on OnlyFans than when she did as a fighter.

Herrig announced last month that she would be finishing her career at the UFC before then signing a deal with Bare Knuckle Fight Club.

However, she told TMZ that she is using her feet to make bank outside of fighting and is living more comfortably than when she was a fighter for the UFC.

We all know there are those certain demographics on OnlyFans who are into feet pictures, and in this case, used socks - and Herrig is making the most of their adulation. 

The 37-year-old says she is selling used socks for $150 each and happily obliges when OnlyFans subscribers ask for close-up looks of her feet.

Got to give praise to Herrig for making money and not having to injure herself while doing it. 

Herrig revealed that the money she earns from these sales is allowing her to fight when she wants to rather than needing to in order to make ends meet. 

She decided to start up her OnlyFans account after she fell to a knee injury that required surgery and kept her on the sideline for nearly two years.

Considering fighters only get paid when they fight, it was a tough time financially for Herrig.

However, after deciding to dip her toes into OnlyFans she realised she could make money and give her plenty of time to recover properly from her injuries. 

Zuma Press, Inc. / Alamy

Speaking on The Fighter vs. The Writer, she said: “I probably would have come back a lot sooner from my injury if it wasn’t for OnlyFans because I would have had to. I probably wouldn’t have been ready, and I was at least ready for this fight. 

“Now with OnlyFans, I get paid weekly and I’m not struggling to get paid, and I can take care of my body the way a professional athlete needs to take care of their body.”

She added: “OnlyFans made it where I’m not desperate to fight again. I actually make more money from that than I ever made in fighting — and I make good money fighting. 

“But when you break it down to the fact that you only get paid when you fight, it does make things stressful on you when you’re not getting paid to sit on the sidelines, when you’re not being helped out.”

Herrig was active in the UFC from 2009 to 2022, fighting in 24 bouts and finishing her career with a record of 14-10.

Featured Image Credit: Px Images / Alamy. feliceherrige/Instagram.

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