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Female pro golfer responds to 'awkward' viral video of person ‘mansplaining’ golf swing

Female pro golfer responds to 'awkward' viral video of person ‘mansplaining’ golf swing

She has responded.

A professional female golfer has responded after a video of an amateur player “mansplaining” to her about her swing went viral.

Certified PGA pro and instructor Georgia Ball shared a video earlier this week that has garnered more than 10 million views and over 26,000 comments, in which a man explains to her how to perfect her swing. You can watch the video below.

In the clip, Ball is seen practising a variation of her swing at a driving range near Liverpool, when a man off camera says: "Excuse me, what you're doing there, you shouldn't be doing that... swing and follow through."

He goes on to comment that Ball’s swing is "too slow on the way up", something which the PGA tour pro explains is merely because she is going through a "swing change" - something golfers regularly do to improve their technique.

But the man continues: "I know, but what you're doing there is you're coming back too slow.

"I've been playing golf for 20 years, what you need to do is follow through a lot quicker than what you're doing there right now."

She repeats that she’s going through a swing change, but the man continues to insist that she needs to move her club more quickly.

Ball then goes on to strike a ball into the distance before the man says: "See how much better that was?"

When asked by Sky Sports how she felt during the interaction Ball said she could “see the funny side” to the incident, adding that she did not put the man in his place because she is a “humble person”.

Asked how she felt during the interaction, Ball said: "It was an awkward conversation at the time but I was just concentrating on what I was doing... I am glad I can look back on it now and see the funny side to it."

When asked if she was tempted to put the man in his place, she added: "To be honest, I am a humble person, it is not in me to call him out or say I am a PGA pro, it is just not in me to do that."

Featured Image Credit: Georgia Ball via TikTok

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