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Fernando Alonso brilliantly responds to Taylor Swift dating rumours

Fernando Alonso brilliantly responds to Taylor Swift dating rumours

Fernando Alonso was asked about the Taylor Swift rumours ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso has responded to rumours that he is dating American pop icon Taylor Swift.

Alonso, who races for the Silverstone-based Aston Martin team has had a brilliant start to the 2023 Formula 1 season after finishing third in the first three races in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

During the short break, there were rumours that Alonso is dating American singer Swift.

Ahead of this weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Alonso was asked about the rumours. You can watch the footage below.

The reporter included some of Swift’s song names in a brilliantly worded question, he said: “I have to ask this one because if I don’t I’ll just be leaving a ‘Blank Space’. But I know it potentially is your ‘Love Story’ and nobody else’s.”

Alonso replied: “No, no, no. I have nothing to say mate. I answered already.”

He referenced the TikTok video he posted in which he used a Swift song as the background music.

The Spaniard added: “I have nothing to say, it’s so complicated the Baku format already and I’m sure you have a lot of questions.”

Alonso was then asked about the amount of attention he has been receiving during the short break.

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The Aston Martin driver added: “I'm just focused on Baku and racing. And obviously, the new format of the weekend is extremely complex for a driver, especially on Saturday morning.

“(The) first time you go in the car you tie the belt and you're into Q1, so that will be a new thing, for all of us, so enough (that's) to think (about).”

The Alonso and Swift rumours came after the Spaniard’s split from long-term partner Andrea Schlager.

Alonso announced the split on Instagram, he wrote: “We wanted to tell you that our relationship as a couple ended. We have been lucky enough to share a fantastic time together, and it will continue to be so, but on a different form of affection.

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“As you have probably seen, we have continued working on and off track on various projects together also during this time, and we will keep doing so with deep love and respect for each other.

“We thought it is appropriate to share this as you have all been very supportive. Thanks for that. Love Fer & Andrea.”

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Twitter@F1

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