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Will Ferrell spotted having a pint in UK pub ahead of Wrexham's game against Wealdstone

Will Ferrell spotted having a pint in UK pub ahead of Wrexham's game against Wealdstone

Hollywood star Will Ferrell had a pint at the Turf Pub before watching Wrexham vs Wealdstone at the Racecourse ground.

Actor Will Ferrell has spotted having a pint in a UK pub before attending Wrexham's clash with Wealdstone in the National League.

After their FA Cup run came to an end at the hands of Sheffield United on Tuesday, Wrexham shifted their focus to the league with a big game at the Racecourse ground.

At this point Wrexham fans are somewhat accustomed to having huge Hollywood stars at games given their owners are Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney but Ferrell's visit was a huge surprise.

Image: Wrexham AFC
Image: Wrexham AFC

The Step Brothers star, 55, headed to local pub The Turf for a pre-match beverage and was snapped by locals sat at a table enjoying a chat with a group of people.

As part of a planned triple-header where he said he would be watching Wrexham, Fulham and QPR in February, Ferrell sat in the stands for a cracking Non League contest.

But before that, he filmed a hilariously brilliant piece to camera, saying: "Hi, this is Will Ferrell and it's my first time here. Where are we again? Wrexham. I'm really excited to see the match and being honest with you, I'm a little nervous."

Ferrell memorably played a football coach in the 2005 comedy 'Kicking & Screaming' and is also a co-owner of MLS side LAFC, who Welsh legend Gareth Bale finished his career with.

Ferrell has got the fans going before games, read out the starting XI and even sipped from the MLS Cup after a dramatic penalty shoot-out win.

But locals in Wrexham were stunned to see a huge celebrity in their town and many shared their delight on social media.

Twitter/ @bendavies505
Twitter/ @bendavies505

One wrote: "Just walking out the Turf. See some phones out. Walk over and just see Will Ferrell having a pint. As you do."

Another said: "Got to love Will Ferrell, just a famous multimillionaire actor having a pint at a Wrexham game."

A third joked: "Will Ferrell, and all that he's done, and all the accolades, and all the millions, has had to navigate B&Q roundabout."

A fourth commented: "Will Ferrell is currently having a pint in The Turf ahead of watching Wrexham vs Wealdstone, obviously."

A fifth weighed in: "This is amazing. I don't think I could live Will Ferrell any more."

Featured Image Credit: @jordgriffxxix/Twitter & @WaynneP/Twitter

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