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Wayne Rooney Raises Questionable Points About That Famous Sergio Aguero Goal Against QPR

Wayne Rooney Raises Questionable Points About That Famous Sergio Aguero Goal Against QPR

Manchester City’s last gasp Premier League title win in 2012 is the subject of conspiracy theory

It has been 10 years since Sergio Aguero scored that famous goal at the Etihad against QPR to rip the title away from Manchester United’s grasp, and now, that game is the subject of a conspiracy theory.

Manchester City were in need of a miracle when they found themselves 2-1 down at home to QPR as the clock ticked towards the 90th minute, and a miracle was exactly what they got, a goal from Edin Dzeko made it 2-2 and then that infamous moment, the Aguero moment happened in the nick of time to hand City a first title in more than 40 years.

But now, 10 years on, former United man Wayne Rooney raised some questionable points whilst speaking to the Sun.

He said: “Paddy Kenny should have done better for a couple of the goals.”

Rooney added: “City get the second goal and QPR kick it straight back to them and that’s never been questioned – I find that strange.”

Djibril Cisse celebrating after the game with the City players, but yeah listen it’s a historic moment in the Premier League so I’m sure that – if you are not involved as a Manchester United player, that’s probably one of the greatest moments in the league.”

Since his comments were made public, many fans have dug into the archive in search of the moments mentioned by the Derby manager.

After Edin Dzeko’s equaliser, there were still three minutes left to play. QPR took the kick off and instantly kicked the ball out of play in the City half, allowing City keeper Joe Hart to quickly throw the ball to his defender Gael Clichy, who was then allowed to roam deep into the QPR half unchallenged.

Although it took City another minute and a half to score the winner, having the ball kicked straight to you did benefit Roberto Mancini’s men.

Many fans jumped on the case, adding further fuel to the conspiracy theory.

One fan said: “Nah someone really has to explain why QPR just boot it to them with 3 mins remaining. How has this never been discussed?

Another fan said: “Wazza might have a point yanno. Even if you’re wasting time you’d go back to the keeper first.”

To be fair to QPR, having the ball as far away from your goal as possible when you're defending is not the daftest thing to do.

All things considered, this conspiracy will clearly remain just as a conspiracy theory.

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