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Genius throw-in technique goes viral, we've never seen anything like it

Genius throw-in technique goes viral, we've never seen anything like it

A video of the genius throw-in technique has garnered over 1.4 million views on Twitter.

A player in Norway has gone viral after blowing people's minds with an incredible throw-in technique.

A video from @eurofootcom hailing the genius throw has garnered 1.4 million views on Twitter and had people wondering whether it was legal.

The left-back, wearing blue, white shorts and red socks and a headband for his long locks, crouched down in a squat type position as he prepared to take the throw-in.

He then carefully chucked the ball right to his teammate's feet. But the way in which he threw the ball nack in play was like nothing ever seen before.

It appeared perfectly legitimate, with the player keeping his hands behind his head and making sure both feet remain planted.

Yet because of the position he adopted, it made it much easier for his colleague to control the ball and get his side playing again.

Something tells us that this might just become part of the game in the near future, in the same way seeing a Cruyff turn or 'Maradona' is now a regular occurence.

It's undoubtedly the best throw-in since Iranian player Nader Mohammadi performed a somersault before conjuring up a giant throw-in from near the halfway line.

The ball ended up right in the opposition penalty box, with the goalkeeper forced into punching it out for a corner kick.

Stoke legend Rory Delap would have been proud of the throw-in absurdity.

There's something about Iranian players called Mohammadi and crazy throw-ins. In the 2018 World Cup, you may remember one of the best moments came when a player was on the verge of a rolling throw-in in the last minute of the group game against Spain.

After praying to the skies and kissing the ball, he got cold feet at the very last second and the hilarious sequence went viral.

Featured Image Credit: Image: Twitter/@eurofootcom

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