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Fans Stunned By Non-League Player's Incredible Throw-In Technique, Rory Delap Would Be Proud

Fans Stunned By Non-League Player's Incredible Throw-In Technique, Rory Delap Would Be Proud

Another monstrous throw-in has surfaced in non-League football.

Footage of a non-League player's incredible throw-in technique has gone viral on social media.

Gavin Cockman, who plays for Saffron Walden Town in the Essex Senior League, left fans stunned with his powerful throw-ins in Saturday's 2-0 win over Hoddesdon Town.

In the video clip, which now has more than 22,000 likes on Twitter, Cockman rifles a throw-in into the opposition's box without taking a run-up - or even a single step.

Twitter user Ryan Herrick posted the clip on Monday, alongside the caption: "What on earth is that throw?? Dread to think how far it would go if he had a run up."

Cockman's technique is reminiscent of that of former Stoke City midfielder Rory Delap, who was known for his incredible long throw-ins which caused havoc for the opposition.

But while some fans were impressed with Cockman's throw, others have questioned whether it is legal.

"Don't want to say it but… quite clearly a foul throw," wrote one Twitter user, alongside a screenshot of Cockman releasing the ball from in front of his head.

Another fan replied: "That's what I was thinking too. Feet clearly leave the ground at the time of release as a minimum."

But the man himself has hit back at the doubters by insisting his technique is perfectly legitimate.

"If you slow mo the video my feet actually slide on the floor and don’t come off it has happened before not this time lol," he replied on Twitter.

Legal or not, it's certainly a sight to behold.

But Cockman is far from being the only non-League player with a monstrous throw-in.

Jason Kissi, who plays for Godmanchester Rovers in Cambridgeshire, went viral on social media earlier this year for also having the ability to throw the ball huge distances.

A clip of one of his throw-ins was shared online, amassing 1.2m views.

Reposting the video on Twitter, Kissi wrote: "Guess I'm currently claiming the biggest throw in non-league football."

No doubt, Cockman will be disputing that claim.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter: Ryan Herrick

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