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The Rock revealed which Premier League club he supports, kind of

The Rock revealed which Premier League club he supports, kind of

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson wasn't exactly 100% on which football team he supports but he did get an answer out, eventually.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has revealed that his Premier League team are the 'Pride of Cheshire,' but not even the former WWE star seems to know who that is.

Whether it's Idris Elba supporting Arsenal, I've done them a favour by naming him rather than some of the more detestable famous Gunners' fans, Sylvester Stallone following Everton, Russell Crowe being a staunch Leeds fan or David Cameron cheering on anyone in claret and blue, there's a fascination with which celebrity supports our team.

It's either something to champion for yourself or something to mock a rival club for, and it's always a bit of a surprise to see one of them in the crowd, usually in the posh seats.

Of course the ultimate brag would be if the Rock supported your team and now we know who the wrestler turned actor follows in England's top tier, or at least we kind of do.

The 10 time world champion is currently hyping up his newest film, Black Adam, in which he's being introduced into the DC Universe, playing the titular character.

That means he's popping up all over the place doing press junkets, being asked all the same sort of questions about playing a superhero.

In one interview he was asked if he had a football team he supports, a rather sheepish looking Johnson answers 'yeah,' going on to say "you know the one, the Pride of Cheshire," the bemused interviewer questions if he means Liverpool and the Scorpion King just agrees, also saying he thinks the result on Sunday was a good one.

You'd struggle to actually claim that Liverpool are the 'pride of Cheshire,' for starters, Jurgen Klopp's side are not actually in Cheshire.

Sides like Crewe Alexandra, Macclesfield Town and the English half of Chester FC might argue that they deserve the title instead.

Whilst he might not be an expert on 'soccer,' or geography, although that's partially the interviewers fault too, Johnson might soon be an expert on rugby league.

The Fast and Furious franchise star could reportedly be the face of the sport in America, with the NRL hoping to take one of their games to the US.

And it's not the only sport he's getting involved in, with the 50-year-old even using his Black Adam marketing tour to advertise India vs Pakistan in the T20 World Cup.

Whilst he might be cheering on the rugby and cricket World Cups that are going on right now, it doesn't sound like Dwayne will be doing much watching of the tournament in Qatar in November.

Nor will he be heading to Anfield, especially not if he's going to Cheshire, to join the likes of LeBron James and Samuel L Jackson.

Then again, with those names, Liverpool fans don't exactly need the Rock to show off their celebrity supporters.

Featured Image Credit: talkSPORT

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