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You may have missed Speed and Mark Goldbridge playing FIFA 23 last night, the whole stream was carnage

You may have missed Speed and Mark Goldbridge playing FIFA 23 last night, the whole stream was carnage

The YouTubers have become close friends in recent weeks.

Speed and Mark Goldbridge continued 2022's strangest bromance with a few games of FIFA 23 - the whole stream was chaos.

The two online stars met during last month's Sidemen charity football match and quickly became friends.

Fans were hoping to see more of the pair, getting their wish during Speed's stream on Thursday evening.

United Stand presenter Goldbridge attempted to pick Manchester United to go against Speed, kicking off the drama.

Speed is a massive fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, refusing to go up against him. The video below contains strong language.

"I'm a bigger Man United fan than you," Speed declares. "I bleed red and yellow. I love Ronaldo. Come on bro be Man City or something. You're not even from Manchester!"

The United Stand is one of the biggest Manchester United fan channels on YouTube, with over 1.4 million subscribers.

Goldbridge eventually decided to pick the England national team, letting Speed pick United with Ronaldo up top.

Even Ronaldo couldn't save Speed. He went 2-0 down in the second half before going off on Goldbridge. Again, the video below contains strong language.

It wasn't even the most outrageous part of the broadcast, viewed by over 65,000 people at one point.

Speed played a prank on Goldbridge by ringing up a friend to pretend it was the police.

He played along for a while before Goldbridge decided to leave the stream. Not the kind of thing he's used to on a daily Career Mode playthrough.

Speed's popularity has exploded in the last year thanks to his presence on TikTok.

He's a huge Ronaldo supporter with a passionate hatred for longtime rival Lionel Messi.

The American stood out in the YouTube Allstar's defeat to Sidemen FC.

Seconds into the game, he snapped KSI with a crunching tackle. Speed scored in the game and even replicated Ronaldo's iconic 'Siu' celebration.

Referee Mark Clattenburg ruled it out for offside, which saw Speed whip the official with his shirt.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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