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Sergio Aguero is hesitant to become a manager as he doesn't want to go bald like Pep Guardiola

Sergio Aguero is hesitant to become a manager as he doesn't want to go bald like Pep Guardiola

The Argentinian isn't keen on coaching a side any time soon, and Pep's hair situation might have to do with it.

Sergio Aguero has brutally admitted that Pep Guardiola has put him off becoming a manager any time soon.

The 34-year-old spent five years under the tutelage of the Spanish manager and during that time they had a rollercoaster relationship.

During Aguero’s time at City, he finished his tenure as the club’s highest-ever goalscorer with 260 goals in 390 matches, and a certified legend at the Etihad.

The Argentinian was forced to retire from the sport in 2021 due to health concerns, just five months after leaving Manchester City to join Barcelona.

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However, it seems as though he’s a bit hesitant to move into a backroom role any time in the near future.

And it may, hilariously, have some to do with Pep Guardiola’s baldness.

In a sly swipe at Pep, in a playful manner, of course, Aguero admitted that Guardiola’s hair situation has put him off for the time being while live streaming on Twitch, in comments that have resurfaced.

He joked: “It’s not easy to be a coach… Look at Pep, he went bald from thinking so much.”

I mean, Pep certainly is a thinker, but it’s also helped him earn ten domestic league titles as a manager across three leagues.

I think he’ll happily trade off a few tufts of hair for the glory.

While Aguero’s remark certainly was a savage one, the pair ultimately got on well despite a rough start to their relationship.

The striker had already certified himself as a legend at City before Pep turned up, and there were question marks over how well he would fit into Guardiola’s system.

In fact, the City boss dropped him when he turned up to training overweight.

Aguero revealed last year, via talkSPORT: “If your ideal weight is 79-80kg and you were 80 kilos and 100 grams you would be fined and you don’t play.

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“But it can happen! You come across a little bit of chicken for example, then you are going to be 50 grams over!

“Well the first season we were between fourth and third and he said I left you out because you turned up fat this week.

“And what was I going to say? He was right… these things happen. He said it in a good way. And at this time I didn’t really have his confidence.”

There was also a bit of tension between them when Guardiola first attempted to train Aguero.

The former striker confessed: “There was a moment, right in the first year, when Pep arrived at Manchester City, when he said to me: ‘You can’t train like that’.

“I replied: ‘But I train like this, I train in my own way. If you tell me to run to the corner flag and back, I’ll go and run, but I run my own way. We had a lot of problems because of that.

“Sometimes he didn’t like it, which is why I ended up playing very little when he arrived.

“But then it was only a matter of time before Pep adapted to the way he trained.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitch. PA Images / Alamy.

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