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Ryan Reynolds wants to buy a second team after 2021 Wrexham investment

Ryan Reynolds wants to buy a second team after 2021 Wrexham investment

Ryan Reynolds bought Wrexham with Rob McElhenney but he wants to own another team in the near future.

Ryan Reynolds' purchase of Wrexham along with co-owner Rob McElhenney has been a resounding success so far but the Deadpool star has ambitions to own a second team.

The Hollywood pair paid around £2 million to take full control of the National League side back in February 2021.

The Dragons had been owned by the Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST), and the 2,000 members had to vote on whether they were in favour of Reynolds and McElhenney's takeover.

98.6 per cent gave their seal of approval and Reynolds and McElhenney have since invested a further £10 million into Wrexham, who look set to secure promotion to League Two next season after accruing over 100 points.

Reynolds has got so caught up in the Welsh outfit that he is reportedly buying a £1.5 million home in local village Marford, which has just 2,500 residents.


But the 46-year-old still has intentions of acquiring a second sports team. Reynolds is a proud Canadian and has made no secret of his desire to get involved with NHL side the Ottawa Senators, who were his local team growing up.

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However, it's not an easy deal to do, particularly because of the costs involved.

“I am trying to do it,” Reynolds said on ‘The Tonight Show’ in November.

“But it’s very expensive. I need a partner with very deep pockets.”

The Senators, currently owned by The Melnyk family, are believed to be worth £571 million. Reynolds isn't short of cash, especially after selling his Mint mobile company to T-Mobile for £1 billion, but he reckons the best approach would be to assemble a consortium.

Reynolds and Mcelhenney enjoying a Wrexham game. Image: Alamy
Reynolds and Mcelhenney enjoying a Wrexham game. Image: Alamy

He continued: “It’s called a consortium when you form a group together to buy an entity. It’s a fancy way of saying I need a sugar mummy or a sugar daddy."

Reynolds' wife and mother of his four children, Blake Lively, was not initially receptive to his first venture into sports ownership -as he revealed to co-owner McElhenney.

After telling her the "really bad news" that he had bought fifth-tier Wrexham, he explained her reaction was "not good".

Asked how she responded, Reynolds joked: "Not good, Rob. Not great. We’re still working through that one.”

Featured Image Credit: Alamy & The Tonight Show

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