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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney didn't know a football rule, needed David Beckham to explain

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney didn't know a football rule, needed David Beckham to explain

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney struggled with one football rule after purchasing Wrexham.

Wrexham owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney didn't understand a football rule and had to have former England captain David Beckham explain it to them.

The Hollywood pair purchased the Welsh outfit in February 2021 and pledged a £2 million investment after taking 100 per cent control of the club.

They've put a further £10 million into the National League leaders and have very much immersed themselves into the community.

But it did take them a little while to get up to speed with how football works. At Wembley for the FA trophy final against Bromley in May 2022, both Reynolds and McElhenney were in attendance alongside the likes of Will Ferrell and Beckham.

Bromley went 1-0 up through Michael Cheek's strike in the 64th minute but Wrexham thought they had equalised right at the death when substitute Jake Hyde headed home.

The Dragons went mental and the two owners erupted with euphoria in the box. They celebrated wildly and kept hugging one another.

However, the assistant had raised his flag and the goal was chalked off. Still, Reynolds and McElhenney, with no knowledge of the offside rule, had no idea that the goal wasn't given and kept going crazy in some hilariously awkward scenes.

"Someone needs to explains the offside rule to the A-listers,” was the quip from the BT Sport commentator.

That someone proved to be one of England's greatest ever players, as Beckham had to enlighten the duo.

Reynolds and McElhenney reminisced about the blunder on Jimmy Kimmel Live, when the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia star guest hosted the show.

"Nobody understands the offside rule," Reynolds stated.

McElhenney interjected: "Nobody except one person who was in the box with us - Beckham. We were cheering and we looked over at Beckham and he was just shaking his head."

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Now having been running Wrexham for over two years now, you'd hope that both men are now at least a bit more clued up because they will be playing for the team they own in the summer.

The TV stars are to pull on the Wrexham shirt in Cary, Northern California as part of a 32-team seven-a-side tournament where the winners will collect a cool $1 million.

Former Wrexham players Paul Rutherford, Shaun Pearson and Mark Carrington are also in the squad.

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