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Ruben Neves reminds fans that celebration Marcus Rashford made popular is actually his

Ruben Neves reminds fans that celebration Marcus Rashford made popular is actually his

It appears Ruben Neves sent a message to Marcus Rashford after scoring against Liverpool on Saturday.

After scoring against Liverpool this weekend, Wolves midfielder Ruben Neves appeared to claim that he owns the signature 'hand pointing to head' celebration and not Marcus Rashford.

The Portuguese midfielder helped his side climb out of the Premier League relegation zone on Saturday with a superb individual performance that included a composed finish to make it 3-0.

In his own words, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp felt Neves' strike should not have counted because "it was the first time they passed the halfway line in the second half."

But the goal stood and Neves proceeded to celebrate by pointing at his temple with his index finger – a celebration has become a worldwide trend in recent months.

Since top-flight football resumed in December following the World Cup, the celebration has been adopted by Marcus Rashford, who has used it plenty after scoring 11 goals in his last 13 games.

He most recently pointed to his temple when he netted for United in their 2-1 win against Crystal Palace on Saturday.

But minutes later, Wolves midfielder Neves scored at Molineux and proceeded to send his own message to those inside the 32,000-capacity stadium.

With one hand pointing to his head and the other at his chest, the former FC Porto player appeared to say that the celebration belonged to him first.

Of course, Neves has performed the same gesture after scoring for some time, but it appears he wanted the world to know about it on this occasion.

Here's how social media reacted to the celebration.

One fan said: "Ruben Neves has been praying to score for weeks just to inform us about this celebration. Bro chill out, Rashford made it global."

A second commented: "I love how Ruben Neves is telling Rashford that he owns the celebration."

A third wrote: "Reason 347 for Wolves fans to love Ruben Neves. He’s so competitive and pissed off about Rashford being accredited his goal celebration, it’s driven him to score a goal inside the penalty to take ownership back of it. Bet he scores 4 in 4 games now."

Thoughts on Neves' message after scoring against Liverpool on Saturday?

Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: the1877club/Instagram

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