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Peter Crouch fumed at Abbey Clancy for X-rated birthday present

Peter Crouch fumed at Abbey Clancy for X-rated birthday present

Abbey Clancy surprised her husband Peter Crouch but he did not react well.

Former Liverpool and Spurs striker Peter Crouch was left furious after his wife Abbey Clancy organised an X-rated birthday surprise.

Crouch and Clancy got married in 2011 after meeting five years prior and have four children together.

They have a podcast called the Therapy Crouch where they open up about their relationship and the latest episode was no different.

The Crouch's discussed the many surprises they have organised for one another, with one gesture in particular standing out.

Abbey once got her other half a larger stripper for his birthday, with the dancer turning up at a Liverpool restaurant while they were eating.

But Crouch was not onboard with it in the slightest and "went mental".

"He went ballistic,” Clancy recalled.

“I got him a roly-poly-o-gram and he went mad. A larger stripper – and he went mental that everyone was looking at him, so told her instantly to leave. She didn't even take one sock off.”

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Crouch felt embarrassed by the woman gyrating on him in public given he was a well-known footballer for Liverpool and England and ended up paying the woman to exit.

He explained: "We were in a restaurant in Liverpool with loads of random people and all of a sudden this stripper turned up, starts gyrating. I'm playing for Liverpool and England at the time and everyone started filming.

“I was like 'I'm sorry, but I can't do this'. So I just gave her some cash and said 'Can you leave?' Then she just went 'Oh, OK, great', and then left.”

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

There was one surprise that he did enjoy, however and that involved his missus picking him up for training wearing nothing but a Burberry Mac coat.

“I picked you up from training once like that, didn't I?" Clancy said.

"That Burberry Mac you got me, I picked him up from training once with that on and nothing underneath it – to get him home.

Crouch, who has admitted to using emojis to try and initiate activity in the bedroom, gave his seal of approval and said: “And it worked – very well.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty & The Therapy Crouch

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