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Richard Keys and Andy Gray have proven whether the ball was in or out of play for West Ham's opener vs Arsenal

Richard Keys and Andy Gray have proven whether the ball was in or out of play for West Ham's opener vs Arsenal

Keys and Gray have announced the final decision.

Richard Keys and Andy Gray have proven whether or not the ball went out of play for West Ham's controversial opening goal against Arsenal on Thursday.

The Hammers opened the scoring at the Emirates Stadium through Tomas Soucek on their way to a memorable 2-0 win.

But there were question marks over the legitimacy of the first goal, with VAR determining that it did not have conclusive evidence to determine whether the ball had gone out of play before Jarrod Bowen's cross.

As a result, the goal stood, with the lack of available camera angles meaning no alternative decision could be taken.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta told reporters after the match that officials had informed him there was 'no conclusive evidence' to determine that the goal had to be chalked off.

Now, using beIN Sports technology, Keys and Gray have now definitively determined the question we've all been asking - whether the ball did, in fact, cross the line.

We've seen the technology in use before, as it showed that the ball did not cross the line for Newcastle's controversial goal against Arsenal in November.

This time, the technology has given the same conclusion. Unfortunately for Arsenal fans, the ball was in play - by the smallest of margins.

You can watch the full clip below.

The technology arrived at its conclusion using zoomed out stadium cameras and the lines similar to those that are typically drawn by VAR.

As a result, therefore, while Gunners fans may not like it, the VAR did reach the correct decision to award West Ham and Soucek the goal.

The ball was in play (
beIN Sports)

Speaking after the game, West Ham boss Moyes focused on the performance of his players instead of VAR, and said he had taken some inspiration from Diego Simeone on the art of defending as the Hammers did.

He said: "A brilliant defensive job. Terrific structure, organisation, discipline by the players.

"Obviously, Arsenal played incredibly well and put us under so much pressure, but we have to say that there's a big part of football, which is defending.

"Sometimes people don't want to talk too much about it but we did a really good job. Arsenal used to make a living out of it here, if you remember.

"Tonight, we did a really good job in stopping them."

Featured Image Credit: beIN Sports

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