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Piers Morgan in Twitter feud with ex-Liverpool player after recent apology to Mikel Arteta

Piers Morgan in Twitter feud with ex-Liverpool player after recent apology to Mikel Arteta

Piers Morgan humbly apologised to Mikel Arteta yesterday which hasn't gone down too well with this ex-Liverpool star.

Piers Morgan has once again found himself in the midst of a Twitter feud, this time over his apology to Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, who he has been critical of before.

Piers Morgan has long been a critic of Arteta's, particularly over the Spaniard's treatment of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

But now, after Arsenal's recent success under Arteta, Morgan has finally come out in support of the manager. He tweeted : "Dear @m8arteta - I hereby formally declare trust in your process. You've built a thrilling team with full of energy, pace, power, commitment and ferocious will-to-win. Love the way we play & our attitude. I had my doubts about you - but not anymore. Keep pounding."

Piers' apology to the Arsenal manager has however received some backlash, particularly from ex-Liverpool star, Stephen Warnock.

Warnock fired back at Morgan on Twitter saying : "I bet he's delighted he has the blessing of a top footballing man like yourself. He will sleep well now I'm sure." This sarcastic response from the former Liverpool man has of course not gone unnoticed by Morgan, who is never one to back away from a petty Twitter argument.

Piers Morgan is a lifelong Arsenal fan
Piers Morgan is a lifelong Arsenal fan

Morgan fired back at Warnock, coming for his questionable club loyalty : "I'm just a fan, Mr. Warnock, who's followed Arsenal for 52 years, has 4 season tickets, & lives, breathes & occasionally fumes over my club. That may not make me a 'top footballing man' but but it does entitle me to my opinions & I've always been loyal to one club. You had ten, right?".

Stephen Warnock seems to have left the issue there however other commenters are still having at go at Piers Morgan for his feud with the ex-Liverpool man.

One person used Morgan's logic against him as they said: "He's had many clubs in his job. Just like in your job, you've had News of the World, Daily Mirror, First News, CNN, MailOnline, ITV, The Sun and Talk TV all been your employers.".

Another person responded to this with a further little dig at Morgan : "Sacked from most of them.".

Featured Image Credit: Alamy, ITV