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Nike's new World Cup 'GOAT Experiment' advert has dropped, it's the best they've ever produced

Nike's new World Cup 'GOAT Experiment' advert has dropped, it's the best they've ever produced

This is something special.

Nike has released its official advert for the 2022 World Cup, with fans online calling it one of the greatest ever made.

The sportswear giant has a long and illustrious history in making the perfect advert. Often, Nike's adverts serve as trailers for the upcoming spectacle.

It offers a glimpse at the world-class talent you'll be watching during six weeks of nonstop footballing action.

Nike also pays tribute to those that paved the way, which is what they've done with their 'GOAT Experiment' effort for Qatar. Check it out in full below.

The video begins with a group of scientists teleporting France superstar Kylian Mbappe into a testing room alongside Brazil legend Ronaldinho, who has been digitally de-aged to look like he did in his pomp at Barcelona. Stay with us. It does get good.

A scientist then tells the duo they've designed a test to determine who is better between Mbappe and Ronaldinho. The lab is turned into a football pitch so both men can strut their stuff.

Ronaldinho flashes a smile, Oingo Boingo's 1985 smash-hit 'Weird Science' is loaded up and we're off to the races.

Ronaldinho and Mbappe looked very confused. (Image

Thrilled by what they're watching, a staff member asks if they can get Ronaldo involved. Not that one. He's coming later.

We're taken back to Japan in 2002, where a certain Brazil striker is settling down for a meal. Ronaldo Nazario is brought into the present day to take on Mbappe and Ronaldinho. Yes, he's got that haircut.

A second Ronaldo Nazario from 1998 makes an appearance too. He takes the absolute p**s out of future him's haircut, not knowing he'll be sporting it a few years down the line.

Several more legends, past and present, are added to the pot. That includes Cristiano Ronaldo, who remarks: "Come on guys."

Even women's football stars get involved. Alex Morgan is seen performing her tea-sip celebration (at the expense of Phil Foden) while Sam Kerr tests her luck on the pitch.

Virgil van Dijk and Edgar Davids represent the Netherlands with grace, as does Kevin De Bruyne from Belgium. Anime character Axel Blaze, captain of the Raimon Eleven team in Inazuma Eleven, makes a cameo too.

Two Cristiano Ronaldos. Erik ten Hag's worst nightmare? (Image

The real, non-digital Ronaldo Nazario shows up at the end to ask what we're all thinking. "What the heck?"

Supporters have reacted to the advert online and they're convinced it'll go down in history.

One person said: "This is the dopest thing I've ever seen I'm so hyped for the World Cup now."

Another tweeted: "It's giving me so much nostalgia for the 2000s."

While a third put: "One thing about Nike. They've always got the best World Cup ads."

The World Cup will start on November 20 when Qatar take on Ecuador. Let's hope the football can do this advert justice.

Featured Image Credit: Nike

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