Nike's 'The Other Game' Advert Is Absolutely Packed With Football's Biggest Legends


Nike's 'The Other Game' Advert Is Absolutely Packed With Football's Biggest Legends

Has there ever been a greater collection of legends in one football advert than Nike's mind-blowing 2004 epic set around Brazil vs Portugal?

What starts as Ballon d'Or winners Ronaldo Nazario and Figo engaging in a pre-tunnel nutmeg contest also involves (deep breath): Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Romario, Pauleta, Denilson, Ricardo Quaresma and - somehow - Eric Cantona and Ruud van Nistelrooy.

Or, depending on where you were watching Franceco Totti. Let us explain!


Before the supposed Brazil vs Portugal international match kicks off, the players' attempt to humiliate their rivals with their insane one-on-one skills and get carried away.

Roberto Carlos gets right up in then Real Madrid teammate Figo's face - but the fresh face that really stands out to us is a 19-year-old CR7 making a quick cameo, but at that time playing second fiddle to his fellow icons. And, erm, Denilson.

To the catchy beat of Perry Como's 'Papa Loves Mambo', the pre-game action sees both teams chasing the ball through the stadium (where King Eric is almost sent flying) and out to the car park.

That's where either Van Nistelrooy (presumably for versions of the advert shown in markets where Manchester United were a big deal) or Totti (in Italy) volley the ball back into the stadium.


That's right, Nike had so many superstars they had to choose between RvN and Totti but use only one.

Eventually play reaches the pitch where Ronaldinho is flip-flapping his way past Portugal's players, before being savagely scythed down by the referee. Who wants to actually start the game.

Cue the punchline of the two superstar-laden teams lining up to actually start the game, looking knackered with bloody noses.


To which we can only say: ole!

Featured image credit: Nike

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