Roy Keane And Jamie Redknapp Were Going At It Again Over Spurs On Sky Sports

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Roy Keane And Jamie Redknapp Were Going At It Again Over Spurs On Sky Sports

Roy Keane and Jamie Redknapp got into it again during Sky Sports' coverage today.

In February, the pair were involved in a very heated argument over Spurs. A discussion about whether Spurs are an average team made for some great viewing when Keane and Redknapp went back and forth.

It was absolutely box office entertainment for five minutes, as viewers got the popcorn out.



Early on today, ahead of the big game between Spurs and Manchester United, Keane-Redknapp II happened after the former sprinkled a bit of sarcasm.

"It's always great to be top of the league in November, vital time of the season that," Keane remarked, referring to Spurs' huge drop-off.

Not wanting to get dragged into it again, former Spurs midfielder Redknapp replied: "Alright, you're on it today."


Micah Richards was obviously in hysterics as he placed peacemaker, even if things didn't get as spicy as they did a few months.

Prior to going on the air for the triple-header, Richards gave it a boxing level build-up as he interviewed both pundits on his Instagram story.

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