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Roy Keane hits back at Jamie Carragher over Arsenal’s celebrations against Liverpool

Roy Keane hits back at Jamie Carragher over Arsenal’s celebrations against Liverpool

Jamie Carragher was critical of Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard on the back of their victory over Liverpool.

Roy Keane has hit back at Jamie Carragher’s comments about Arsenal’s celebrations against Liverpool.

Last weekend, the Gunners recorded a vital 3-1 victory to close the gap on Liverpool at the top end of the Premier League table.

After the final whistle, Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard was seen celebrating with the club’s photographer, which Carragher was not impressed with.

The former Liverpool man said on Sky Sports: “Just get down the tunnel, you've won a game.

“It's three points, you've been brilliant,you are back in the title race, get back down the tunnel. I am serious - honestly.”

Carragher’s comments did not go down well as Odegaard himself claimed: “If you can't celebrate when you win, when can you?”

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s Premier League clash against West Ham United on Sunday afternoon, former Manchester United captain Keane said: “It happens but you can't get carried away but that's the nature of the best.

“Teams get excited and get giddy, we see it every week now. Obviously we saw Arsenal get criticised last week, but we see teams every week now [celebrate] when they get a big result.”


He added: “Yes, celebrate and get photographs, but as we know, there's a long way to go in that league challenge and you can't get too carried away. We know what football does to you, it kicks you in the teeth.”

Gunners boss Mikel Arteta said: “Personally, I love it. It brings such a passion and emotion to the game when it's done in a natural and unique way.

“I love it. I've seen managers at the Emirates, away [at other stadiums] on their knees inside the pitch. I've seen very big managers going across the touchline in the Premier League. I think it's great but it's my opinion and other people may think something different.”

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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