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Fan Creates Epic Thread Of Premier League Clubs As Rooms In The House

Fan Creates Epic Thread Of Premier League Clubs As Rooms In The House

A football fan has created an epic Twitter thread explaining what every Premier League club would be if they were a room in the house.


Twitter user @ftblpulisic has taken to social media to reveal his hilarious list which has gone viral.

He's explained what every team in England's top flight would be if they were a room in the house with league leaders Liverpool being the bedroom.

Manchester United are the panic room while Spurs and Arsenal are the garage and library, respectively.

Conservatory, games room and kitchen are among other rooms included in the superb thread.


Check out the full list below:

Arsenal - The Library A very quiet place. Full of old and useless books. Desperately needs to be cleaned and sorted out. No one wants to be there.

Aston Villa - The Staircase Goes up. Now going down.

Bournemouth - The Conservatory Very Tory. Seem to spend a lot of money on such useless things.

Brighton - The Garden Engages in frequent scraps with next door neighbour. Rest of the street doesn't understand it at all.

Burnley - The Utility Room A workman's room. Proper English. Washing machine. Boring as fuck like.

Chelsea - The Kids Bedroom Need somewhere to put the kids. Pleasant. Sadly get beat a lot at home.

Crystal Palace - The Neighbour's Garden Too loud, needed to go outside. Tries to start fights with his next door neighbour.

Everton - The Basement Always in the shadow of the bedroom. Dark as fuck. Usually depressing. Turn a light on and it's a decent place. Leighton Baines lives here.

Leicester - The Wine Cellar Tory. Ridiculously Tory. Exciting addition. Ages like a fine w̶i̶n̶e̶ Jonny Evans.

Liverpool - The Bedroom Where the magic happens. Exciting. Not had much success recently but the prestige is coming back.

Man City - The Secret Room in the office Very new. No one knew it was here before some rich man stumbled into it. Although, it has just been found out. Nothing special anymore.

Man United - The Panic Room Terrified. In turmoil. Enough said.

Newcastle - The Kitchen A house isn't a house without a kitchen. Essential. Legendary. Working class. Good memories.

Norwich - The Games Room Just a bit of fun. Don't take it seriously. It'll be gone soon. Lots of people come in here and pick up easy wins.

Sheffield United - The Study Nonstop work. Appreciated by everyone. Hard work pays off. Proper working class.

Southampton - The Corridor Long. Boring. Just a straight path right into the bedroom.

Spurs - The Garage Easy access for Mourinho's bus. Not the most exciting anymore. Been the same for years. Does the job.

Watford - The Mud Room Apparently this is a room? Not arsed about it. Dirty. Needs to go.

West Ham - The Bathroom Full of sh*t. Sold their soul for a literal sh*thole.

Wolves - The Living Room Lively. Good atmosphere. Great place to be.

Brilliant work, Luke.

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Fan Creates Epic Thread Of Premier League Clubs As Rooms In The House

Fan Creates Epic Thread Of Premier League Clubs As Rooms In The House

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