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Neil Warnock says he is often mistaken for Mrs Doubtfire

Neil Warnock says he is often mistaken for Mrs Doubtfire

The former Sheffield United and QPR manager recently opened up about being wrongly recognised.

Neil Warnock has been mistaken for fictional Scottish housekeeper Mrs Doubtfire on numerous occasions down the years.

The former Sheffield United, QPR and Crystal Palace manager, who retired in April after 42 years in management, holds the record for the most promotions (8) and most games managed (1,603) in English football history.

As well as his achievements on the touchline, Warnock will be remembered as one of the game's most charismatic personalities.

From the iconic, "By all means enjoy it, but enjoy it by being f***ing disciplined" line, to his antics with referees up and down the country, the 73-year-old has seen it all.

In fact, in a recent chat with the Proper Football podcast, Warnock says a few people have even called him Mrs Doubtfire, played by the late great Robin Williams – over the years.

"You get recognised all over the show and I've been wrongly recognised a few times, which is exciting," he said. "They thought I was Mrs Doubtfire – I just had a look about her."

Back in 2012, after Ian Holloway claimed Warnock had turned his Crystal Palace side into the new Wimbledon, the experienced manager hit back by saying he'd been called a lot worse.

And yes, he mentioned Mrs Doubtfire again.

"I had a good laugh at that," Warnock said about Holloway's comments. "I didn't get upset when people called me Mrs Doubtfire, so being called Wimbledon isn't going to upset me."

As mentioned earlier, Neil Warnock announced his retirement from football management in April.

"I just thought it was the right time, really, coming towards the end of the season, there's not really a job you're going to get before then," he told Sky Sports.

"I've had a good run really. I'm enjoying things I've not done for years, I'm having a lot of time with the family, my dogs and I've taken up cycling too.

"I'm not saying the enthusiasm's gone, I've not lost that, but when I see some of my friends who are struggling health wise, there comes a time where you have to let your family enjoy a little bit more of your time, in particular my wife Sharon.

"When you're a manager you're very selfish, you take your job home with you whether you're on a high or a low and it's very difficult for your wife and kids.

"It's hard to replicate the final whistle when you've won a game, there's nothing quite like that in normal life, and you have to realise you're not going to get that buzz again in that situation. But I'm doing a couple of evenings in the theatre, and I imagine I'll still be nervous before them!"

Image credit: Alamy
Image credit: Alamy

Oh, and he recently managed England to World Cup glory on Football Manager. Take a HERE look if you fancy.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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