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Neil Warnock Used To Carry Signed Pictures Of Himself In A Bumbag

Neil Warnock Used To Carry Signed Pictures Of Himself In A Bumbag

The former Middlesbrough manager handed out photos of himself after training.

Neil Warnock announced his retirement from football in April, but who could forget that iconic moment that involved signed photos of himself in his bumbag.

The then Middlesbrough manager Neil Warnock carried signed pictures of himself in a bumbag - yes, you read that right - and it's incredible. 

After Boro recorded a comfortable 7-0 win over Tavistock AFC in a pre season friendly, Warnock stole the show with his brilliant post-match gesture. 

A video showed the former Premier League boss handing a signed picture of himself to a fan after fetching it from his bumbag.

Warnock carrying signed pictures of himself in a bumbag sent social media wild.

One wrote: "Warny with the pre signed signatures, what a legend."

A second tweeted: "A bumbag fulla signed cards. Love it."

A third added: "This is so cute! I would trade my first born for one of those signed bum bag photos."

Warnock has managed over 1600 games across his managerial career that lasted for 42 years.

He told Sky Sports his reasoning behind the decision to step away from the touchline aged 73.

Warnock said: "I just thought it was the right time, really, coming towards the end of the season, there's not really a job you're going to get before then."

"I've had a good run really. I'm enjoying things I've not done for years, I'm having a lot of time with the family, my dogs and I've taken up cycling too."

"I'm not saying the enthusiasm's gone, I've not lost that, but when I see some of my friends who are struggling health wise, there comes a time where you have to let your family enjoy a little bit more of your time, in particular my wife Sharon."

He added: "When you're a manager you're very selfish, you take your job home with you whether you're on a high or a low and it's very difficult for your wife and kids."

In total, Warnock has managed 17 teams, which included the likes of Crystal Palace, Leeds United and Sheffield United.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@LeeHall1977

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