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Manchester City fans' new chant about Champions League final mocked for hilariously being wrong

Manchester City fans' new chant about Champions League final mocked for hilariously being wrong

City fans are confident of going to the Champions League final after beating Bayer Munich, but they don't seem to know when it is.

Manchester City fans have brought ridicule upon themselves from rival supporters, after coming up with a new Champions League chant.

It's fair to say that, as a club, City are rather desperate for some European success, even if they want to repeat that winning the league is most important to them.

Even before their quarter final first leg on Tuesday night, many believed that Pep Guardiola's side were favourites for success this season.

Despite being on the tougher side of the draw, Erling Haaland's ridiculous form has given them a very 'if not now then when' feel.

Then Guardiola's men went and smacked Bayern Munich 3-0 at the Etihad this week and left their fans feeling very optimistic in getting to this year's final.

In fact, their fans have taken the spirit of Jurgen Klopp, and now have a chant about heading to Istanbul for the chance to become European champions, as you can hear below.

"Istanbul, Istanbul, we are coming!", the supporters enthusiastically tell anyone willing to listen, "Istanbul, Istanbul, I say. Istanbul Istanbul we are coming," they repeat.

"We are coming at the end of May."

That last line is where the problems arise, because if they do turn up to Turkey's 'Gateway to the East' at the end of May then they'll be at least 10 days early.

This season's Champions League final doesn't actually take place until June 10th, because the season was on hiatus during last year's World Cup, and rival fans were ready to mock the City supporters.

"Have UEFA moved the final from June to May..." one fan asked jokingly.

"Very strange song for a fan base who boo the Champions League Anthem and don't want to win it," noted a second fan, before adding, "Also isn't the final in June."

A third enquired, "Why would they go to Istanbul at the end of May?"

"Small club behaviour. Finals in June, maybe the European cup isn’t for everyone," replied another supporter.

"End of May? Anyone told them the final is in June?", mocked a fifth.

A sixth queried, "Arriving a bit early don’t you think lads?"

Indeed, if the City fans do arrive at the end of May then they could even miss their team's latest trip to Wembley, not that there hasn't been a few over the years.

Should they get past Sheffield United in the semi-finals, then they would be in the FA Cup final on June 3rd, which could even be their first major final against local rivals Manchester United.

Depending what date at the end of May they fly out, those fans might also miss the final day of the Premier League season, and potentially their latest last day title deciding drama.

Still though, they'll have plenty of time to explore Istanbul, and it is a wonderful city with some great food.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Alamy

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