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Fans react to the astonishing amount of people Man City supposedly have on their season ticket waiting list

Fans react to the astonishing amount of people Man City supposedly have on their season ticket waiting list

Fans have had their say.

The huge amount of people on Manchester City's season ticket waiting list has been revealed by a new report - and fans have had their say.

City go into next season as reigning treble holders, becoming just the third English club to win three domestic and/or continental trophies in the same campaign.

Understandably, therefore, interest in watching Pep Guardiola's side has increased - but with that comes an increase in the amount of people wanting season tickets.

Waiting lists are common among the top clubs, particularly the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United. Earlier this year, one Reds fan said his father entered the waiting list for season tickets in 1990 - and only got one last year.

In fact, the club actually closed down its waiting list in 2011, due to the amount of people already on it, and still hasn't reopened it.

The lists, therefore, are a sign of success and interest in your club - but they don't exactly represent good news for any supporter towards the back of them.

A new report has now revealed how many people are on the waiting lists for United and City - and the numbers for the latter have shocked fans.

Fans react Man Utd and Man City waiting lists revealed

According to the Daily Mail, both United and City have a total of around 120,000 people on their season ticket waiting lists.

To put that into context from a City perspective, that figure is comfortably more than double the size of the Etihad Stadium's capacity.

The report adds that both clubs have already submitted or have proposed plans to increase their stadium's capacity, which would at least clear some of the season ticket backlog.

In a report published last week, Goal stated that City did not have a waiting list for season tickets, meaning supporters could buy them ahead of the new season if they had a valid club membership card.

Supporters have claimed that the figure represents 'matchday members', who are eligible to buy a season ticket if one becomes available.

And taking to Twitter, rival fans were shocked at the significant spike in interest in buying a City season ticket.

One fan wrote: "Was this meant to be posted on the 1st April?"

Another claimed: "Nobody believes that but if it makes you happy."

A third fan said: "Please shut up," with another adding: "Who are they kidding?"

And one City supporter joked: "That's cap considering we have no fans!!!"

Whilst another said: "Biggest club in the world for a reason."

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