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Man City's 'Centurions' vs Arsenal's 'Invincibles': fans name which team is better Premier League side, there's one CLEAR winner

Man City's 'Centurions' vs Arsenal's 'Invincibles': fans name which team is better Premier League side, there's one CLEAR winner

Man City’s ‘Centurions’ and Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ had fans making separate cases for them, but one team secured 63.4 per cent of the vote.

Manchester City’s famous ‘Centurions’ side have been voted by fans as a better Premier League team than Arsenal’s legendary ‘Invincibles’ side.

Pep Guardiola’s first Premier League title with City was captured in stunning fashion as the Centurions produced a record-breaking points total in the 2017-18 season.

City secured a mammoth 100 points en route to lifting the league trophy, putting them 19 points clear of crosstown rivals Manchester United.

Guardiola’s side won an impressive 32 matches and secured four draws, with City only suffering defeat twice in their mesmerising league campaign.

However, the Centurions were still unable to match a feat that Arsenal achieved in the 2003-04 campaign, with the Invincibles lifting the title without a single league defeat.

SPORTbible took to Twitter and posted a readers’ poll asking football fans who is the better Premier League team out of City’s Centurions and Arsenal’s Invincibles.

With 13,450 votes cast in the Twitter poll, Guardiola’s Centurions came out as the clear winner after securing a whopping 63.4 per cent of the vote.

The Invincibles secured the remaining 36.6 per cent of the vote, with some fans suggesting that there is not even a debate over who is the better side.

One Twitter user wrote: “The Centurions acquired a lot more points, so obviously them?”

Someone else commented: “I’m an Arsenal fan but it’s the Centurions. The best team the Prem has seen by far.”

“City would beat that Arsenal team 9/10 times,” a third fan posted.

Another said: “Centurions without a doubt. And I hate both these clubs.”

While a fifth added: “It’s the team that didn’t draw a third of their matches.”

And a sixth tweeted: “The one with the most points, end of discussion.”

Despite a heavy leaning towards the Centurions, other fans quickly defended the Invincibles and simply pointed to the significance of their undefeated league title win.

“Invincibles. Centurions are massively overrated and hadn’t [faced] strong competition like the Invincibles,” a Twitter user argued.

Another simply tweeted: “Has to be [the] Invincibles.”

One fan suggested: “Look at it this way, which is less likely to happen again? The answer for me is a team going a season unbeaten.”

A fourth added: “Invincibles all day long. 100-plus points is impressive, but going a season unbeaten is special and unlikely to ever be repeated.”

Someone else said: “[Thierry] Henry would smoke that defence and [Patrick] Vieira would stop KDB [Kevin De Bruyne] from doing anything.”

While a sixth posted: “[The] Invincibles and it’s not even close.”


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