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Liverpool fan explains why Fabio Carvalho was able to score in the 97th minute - despite only 5 being added

Liverpool fan explains why Fabio Carvalho was able to score in the 97th minute - despite only 5 being added

In the aftermath of Wednesday night's game, some rival fans were less than impressed with how long the referee allowed play to go on for.

Liverpool came from a goal down to beat Newcastle United 2-1 at Anfield on Wednesday night (31 August).

However, the dramatic late winner from new-boy Fabio Carvalho instigated a heated debate on social media, as rival fans questioned why the game was played until the 98th minute despite only five minutes being added on.

The time played gave the 20-year-old just enough time to volley home from close range - and send the home fans into raptures.

Almost immediately after the final whistle was blown, Twitter exploded with comment from fans, ex-players and pundits alike, all giving their opinion on whether the added time on top of the added time was justified or not.

Indeed, such was the debate around the topic, that the word 'cheating' started to trend on Wednesday night.

Liverpool's Fabio Carvalho
Liverpool's Fabio Carvalho

Match of the Day pundit and former Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer Tweeted out: "5 mins injury time score in the 98th", with a mouth-zipped-shut emoji.

TV presenter Richard Keys also weighed in, writing: "I can’t think of a better argument for an independent time-keeper than Liverpool’s goal in the third half last night. Pope was on the floor 90 seconds in the 5 added. So the whistle should’ve gone at 96.30. Liverpool scored in the 98th minute."

In response to these and many similar takes questioning the length of time added, one forensic Liverpool fan took to Reddit to break down exactly why so much time was added on.

"Nick Pope went down for 1:40 Nick pope took 20-30 seconds each for another two goal kicks Joelinton made 2 fouls, both of which he kicked the ball away after," the user, named B2TheFree, posted on r/Premierleague.

"One other Newcastle player runs 20 yards away from the foul with the ball then Joelinton runs away with it. Joelinton second foul he then stands right in front of the player trying to take the free kick.

"Then 15 seconds later he goes down for the 10th time of the game for 'cramp'. Then before the corner is taken another ball is thrown on the pitch from the Newcastle fans.... We could have player another 5 minutes at that rate."

"I'm not objective as an lfc supporter, but there was EASILY enough time to add 2mins and 9 seconds. EASILY," they added.

Many Liverpool fans made similar points over on Twitter, showing screenshots of when and how Newcastle time-wasted on the night.

Back on the Premier League Sub-Reddit, the vast majority of comments and replies were sympathetic to B2TheFree's original post.

Several critiqued the way modern games are officiated, asking why, in an era of VAR, there isn't an official timekeeper to keep an eye on things, as the referee already has enough to worry about.

"Why in the F***, in a professional sport where they have the technology to see if a player is offside by a bees scrotum do they not have a separate timekeeper to make sure this shit is adjudicated properly down to the second," one person bemoaned.

"Whats the point of leaving it up to the ref who already has a hundred other things to think about.."

A second Reddit user added: "Why does football always seem to be the last sport to bring common sense into the equation?".

Liverpool's second win of the new season takes them up to 5th in the Premier League, having leapfrogged opponents Newcastle United who now sit in 11th.

Featured Image Credit: BT Sport/Premier League

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