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New angle shows fan theory that Lisandro Martinez was actually good at defending against Mohamed Salah

New angle shows fan theory that Lisandro Martinez was actually good at defending against Mohamed Salah

Martinez was part of a defence that conceded seven goals but everyone's got to have something to hold onto, even Manchester United fans.

One Manchester United fan has found the last shred of evidence he could hold onto, following his side's brutal dismantling at the hands of rivals Liverpool, claiming Lisandro Martinez defended well.

Three days on and I still can't believe it finished 7-0, but in OB's defence they did have two men sent off against FC Copenhagen, so they have a bit of an excuse.

Look you'll have to excuse me but I was away in Denmark at the weekend and, at the exact moment that United were having their arses handed to them, I was sat in the Parken Stadium watching Jacob Neestrop's side win by the same result.

There were howls of laughter on the metro back from the ground when those around us realised we were from Manchester, not stopping to realise our party included an Oldham fan, a Bolton Wanderers fans and two Leeds United fans, not to mention they didn't even consider one of us may have been a Manchester City fan, make of that what you will...

Anyway, enough of my trip to Scandinavia, it was great, thanks for asking, obviously the seven goal smashing the rest of the world was concentrating on was at Anfield.

There's unsurprisingly been a very severe and thorough analysis into everything that went wrong for Erik ten Hag's side, with threats of players losing the captaincy, being dropped to the reserves or even being sold completely.

However, through the darkness comes some light, or just the ultimate attempt by one fan to clutch at the thinnest bunch of straws ever.

That supporter has taken to social media to claim Martinez was actually defending well against Salah, using one example, until the moment the Argentine slipped.

He replied to his own post saying, "If you know football you will clearly see what I’m talking about, put banter aside," but clearly he had no idea what football Twitter is all about.

"Talking bollox lad. He got torn inside out and turned into a pretzel," said one fan.

"He slipped because he was desperately trying to recover all the lost ground from being sent to the chippy," added a second.

A third retorted, "It was good goalkeeping by De Gea too, if Gakpo hadn’t lifted the ball over him he’d have saved it!"

Another brutally responded, "He literally tried to defend with his back facing the ball."

A fifth used the classic, "If my aunt had wheels she'd be a bike," which I'm not sure is completely true but I get the point.

"If you mean it was the best he could do under the circumstances I agree," posted another.

"Bro from when you turn your back to the player good defending is out of the question," argued a seventh.

It's been a rough few days for United fans and if one wants to make themselves feel better by trying to find hope in the performance then who are we to judge, just probably shouldn't have put it on Twitter and allowed the world to see.

At least he can find solace in knowing his side wasn't the only one to lose 7-0 at the weekend, bet he never thought he'd have so much in common with OB...

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