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Full video of Lionel Messi's spat with Wout Weghorst emerges

Full video of Lionel Messi's spat with Wout Weghorst emerges

Messi was not happy with the Netherlands forward after the two sides had met in the World Cup, with Argentina needing a penalty shoot-out.

Over three months after winning the World Cup, footage of Lionel Messi's angry post match interview following the quarter final with Netherlands has emerged.

On Thursday night, Messi had the greatest reminder that he was a world champion, after an incredible reception from Argentina fans left him in tears.

It was the first time he'd been back in the country since celebrating that World Cup win, and he once again got his hands on the trophy.

Argentina's victory felt written in the stars but they did their best to finish their campaign much earlier, as they were taken to a shoot-out in the quarters by Netherlands.

They only got to that point thanks to Wout Weghorst's two goals off the bench, including a 100th minute equaliser, thanks to a perfectly pulled off free-kick routine.

After the match, Messi was involved in angry interview, in which he berated the Dutch forward, and new footage has now been released, as you can see in the video below.

Weghorst can be spotted lurking in the area, waiting for the 35-year-old forward, and that clearly wound up the PSG star, who may have already been annoyed.

"What are you doing here?" he asks twice, before adding, "Get out of here fool."

The on loan Manchester United striker is then seen offering his hand to his opponent, who ignores the handshake and just walks past him.

As explained previously, that part may have been before the interview, and afterwards Weghorst explains, "I was waiting for him, and wanted to give him a hand."

"And yeah, he's doing like that," says Lisandro Martinez, "and that's disrespectful," though it's not clear what the Argentina defender is referring to.

Wout Weghorst's double got Netherlands back in the game. Image: Alamy
Wout Weghorst's double got Netherlands back in the game. Image: Alamy

It feels like the whole thing was just a terrible misunderstanding, with Messi annoyed with whatever had happened during and after the game.

Perhaps the appearance of Weghorst during his interview made the PSG forward believe that there was more animosity or arguing to come and got his retaliation in first.

Or he's just a bit of an a***hole who took really badly to someone wanting to swap shirts with him after a hard fought match in the World Cup.

At the time, there was no way Weghorst or Martinez would have expected to become teammates at United, but clearly the pair can laugh about it now, with the defender revealing it inspired his new colleague's nickname at Old Trafford.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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