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Joe Hart lifts lid on 'messy' Man City departure after Pep Guardiola's ruthless decision

Joe Hart lifts lid on 'messy' Man City departure after Pep Guardiola's ruthless decision

Joe Hart details his Manchester City departure and reveals how his move to Torino came about.

Joe Hart has candidly opened up about his Manchester City departure, revealing Pep Guardiola's ruthlessness.

Hart enjoyed eight trophy-laden seasons at Man City before his unceremonious exit in the summer of 2016.

The arrival of Guardiola spelled the end of Hart's stint at the Etihad outfit, despite the goalkeeper's lengthy contract.

He was in his second year of a five-year deal, but was ruthlessly discarded by the Spaniard, who brought in Claudio Bravo from Barcelona.

The keeper, who was an England international at the time, eventually secured a move away from the club as he made a shock switch to Serie A side Torino.

On the nature of his Man City departure, he told Ben Foster: "Pep came in. I wasn't his goalkeeper. I'm two years into a five-year deal, a strong deal that someone just can't rip up. I'm technically an asset to the club.

"So, they can't just give me away even though they didn't need me anymore. So it was bit of a mess."

He added: "So obviously I'm trying to, you know, it's fine, it's whatever. That's football. I love Man City.

"My love for them will never change. But I love the club. If the team changes and moments change, then I need to change.

"And if the most important guy there doesn't want me, then I need to go somewhere else. So, anyway I tried to move here. It was right at the end of the transfer window, so it was busy.

"But people have made decisions on goalkeepers."

Hart continued by detailing how the move to Italy came about following prolonged talks about his transfer.

"So, anyway I was away with England - Big Sam's first camp and he still picked me even thought I hadn't started the first two games," he said.

"It was obvious that I had to go somewhere, and it was like right, the end of August and then this kind of Torino thing came up.

"I don't know how it happened. They're not a big money power force in Italy. But anyway, behind the scenes, they made it work."

Hart, though, spent just one season at the Turin-based team, but enjoyed every minute of his stay in Italy.

"I absolutely loved it. It was an amazing place, amazing city," he revealed. "I went there in the recent international break. I made some good friends and wicked football club.

"Lot of soul, lot of heart, heart of the city. And I loved it."

Hart returned to the Premier League following his stint at Torino as he was snapped up by West Ham United on loan.

Burnley signed him on a permanent deal before Tottenham acquired his services the following season.

The 36-year-old is currently enjoying his football at Celtic, where he has won back-to-back league titles.

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