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Jack Grealish filmed DJing in Ibiza on his summer holidays, he's having the time of his life

Jack Grealish filmed DJing in Ibiza on his summer holidays, he's having the time of his life

The Manchester City winger has developed a reputation for being a party animal.

Jack Grealish has been enjoying some welcome time away from the football pitch by DJing in Ibiza, as his summer of partying continues.

Grealish has developed a reputation for being a loose cannon on nights out following his antics after Manchester City's Champions League final win over Inter Milan, which completed their historic treble.

The 27-year-old could be seen stumbling around City's open-top bus parade, with plenty of supporters loving his honest reaction to the celebrations.

However, he was forced to defend his actions after he came under criticism for letting his hair down at the end of a busy campaign.

“I know obviously some people have had a little bit to say about me celebrating but you’ve got to remember, the whole team celebrated, it was not just me," Grealish told Channel 4 after after England’s 7-0 win against North Macedonia at Old Trafford.

“There were a few videos of me and stuff but I went back on my camera roll on my phone, I was in pre-season on 11th of July and it’s now 19th of June. I’ve been playing for nearly 12 months so give us a break will you, I’m just enjoying myself,” he added.

But despite a short break with the national team, Grealish is back in holiday mode and was spotted DJing alongside Australian music producer Fisher on Wednesday evening in Ibiza.

Grealish could be seen jumping around behind the decks in a bucket hat and headphones, with the Englishman clearly keen to savour every second of his summer break before returning to training.

And fans were loving every second.

Replying to the video on Twitter, one user wrote: "Fast becoming my favourite player."

Another replied: "Some boy that fella."

While a third added: "Sick man him", accompanied by a crying laughing face and clapping emoji.

The footage follows reports that the winger is having a bar built in his new £6 million mansion.

Although the new bar won't stock booze, and will instead be used for healthier smoothies and juices for Grealish and and his fiancée Sasha Attwood, with the former Aston Villa star clearly eager to build on an excellent 2023/24 campaign.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter @TheStapleUK

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