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How much David Beckham paid to buy Inter Miami

How much David Beckham paid to buy Inter Miami

Inter Miami was founded in 2018

The price that David Beckham paid to own MLS club Inter Miami has been revealed.

Back in 2007, Beckham shocked the football world when it was announced that he would move to LA Galaxy from Spanish giants Real Madrid.

The Englishman was the first big-name player to make the move to the United States.

Ever since the arrival of Beckham, the popularity of football in the US grew spectacularly.

After his playing days were over, Beckham decided to set up his own MLS club in the city of Miami.

When Beckham negotiated his move from Madrid to Los Angeles in 2007, he was offered an option to buy an expansion team for just $25 million. As a result, Inter Miami was founded in 2018.

Since Beckham’s purchase, Inter Miami is now valued at a huge $600 million.

Furthermore, after it was confirmed that football legend Lionel Messi will join the club, Inter Miami’s valuation is set to reach $1 billion.

Beckham’s move to the MLS has been described as ‘one of the best sports business deals ever’.

On the reason why he decided to purchase an MLS franchise, Beckham previously said: “I want to be able to create a legacy that my children can turn around in 20 years and say, 'My dad built this club'. There were moments where I looked and I thought this might not happen.

“The biggest lesson is I'm more persistent than I thought I was and I'm more stubborn than my wife thinks I am. I'm obviously not from Miami, I'm from east London. So, me going to Miami, trying to buy a piece of land, talk to the politicians, wasn't actually getting us anywhere, funnily enough.”

However, Inter Miami are currently struggling in the MLS as they sit rock bottom of the Eastern Conference and recently parted ways with manager Phil Neville, who played alongside Beckham at Manchester United.

Can Messi turn Inter Miami’s fortunes around? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Instagram@davidbeckham

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