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FIFA eWorld Cup final branded "a disgrace" after controller controversy

FIFA eWorld Cup final branded "a disgrace" after controller controversy

Mark11 had his hands up to make admins aware but was ignored and lost out on the $300,000 prize. EA Sports have responded.

The FIFA 23 eWorld Cup final result was tinged with controversy after one player's controller movements were shown on the big screen.

24 players took part in the huge eSports tournament, the final one in the FIFA history as the game welcomes a new era for EA Sports FC.

A whopping $300,000 prize was up for grabs along with the pleasure of being the best FIFA player in the world.

But the outcome was highly contentious and has caused monumental uproar amongst the FIFA community.

Mark11, an Australian representing FUTWIZ, and ManuBachoore of Team Guilet, met in the final - which was played over two legs.

The former won the first leg 2-0 before Bachoore pulled level with a second leg triumph which meant the crunch clash went all the way to penalties.

And that's where it became extremely controversial. The set-up for these big tournament sees players play on separate monitors as opposed to sharing the same screen like me and you might do as we play out El Clasico in the living room.

A large screen is there for fans in attendance to watch the action unfold but somehow, Mark11's controller and its layout was completely visible.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

The enormous error meant his opponent could be privy to his controller inputs - and crucially where he was putting his penalties.

Mark11, real name Mark Zakhary, raised his hand on multiple occasions to try and alert officials but was not able to get their attention. He went on to lose in agonising fashion and his team fumed in a statement on Twitter.

FUTWIZ wrote: "Stop trying to protect what is a clear issue with a grand final at a World Cup. @FIFAe broadcast team.

Mark clearly raised this issue 3 times before penalties started and nothing was done so we get left with the biggest final of the year completely ruined by unnecessary circumstances. Disregarding your own rules is a disgrace.

"We want to also add we have zero issue with Bachoore and Team Gullit, this is not their fault."

One stream branded the gaffe a "laughing stock" and called for a replay to take place, with others saying it was "absolutely horrendous", a "joke", "disgraceful" and that Mark had been "robbed".

EA were forced to respond to the controversy and produced a lengthy statement on the matter. They said that there was the potential input overlay to be shown and that was communicated to players prior to the tournament.

The gaming added that it also happened in the semi-finals and ruled that no competitive advantage was given, with games also only able to be paused due to "technical issues".

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

The full statement read: "All players have been informed at the start of the FIFAe World Cup 2023 that if they actively decide themselves to show the input overlay, it might be displayed on broadcast and in the arena.

"Throughout the entire competition, the feed of the home console was visible on the stream and within the arena. This also included games with the input overlay.

"The same situation occurred during the semi-finals including a penalty shootout and no further concerns have been raised by the players prior to the start of the final.

After thorough review of the footage, we can also confirm that no player received a competitive advantage as the opposite team only watched their own screen.

"According to the competition rules, games can only be paused if technical issues occur, which did not take place during the penalty shootout.

"The final decision has been taken based on review of competition footage, in line with the player terms and conditions, and following detailed briefings about controller and broadcast settings to all players during practice matches."

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports

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