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Sandro Tonali's agent says Newcastle star is battling 'gambling addiction' amid illegal football betting probe

Sandro Tonali's agent says Newcastle star is battling 'gambling addiction' amid illegal football betting probe

His agent has spoken out.

Sandro Tonali’s agent admitted that the Newcastle star is battling a gambling addiction.

On Friday Nicolo Zaniolo and Tonali left Italy’s training base after being informed they were under investigation by public prosecutors in Turin.

A day earlier the pair had been questioned and had electronic devices seized by police during a surprise raid at the Coverciano facility.

Italian news agency ANSA reported that both players had been questioned as part of a betting probe.

And Tonali's agent has since claimed his client is battling a gambling addiction.

Speaking at an event earlier at the Italian embassy in London, Tonali's agent, Giuseppe Riso, said: “Sandro suffers of gambling addition. He’s fighting to avoid that and I’m sure he will win this difficult game.

“He’s sad, still in shock.

“I’d like to thank Newcastle as they’re supporting Sandro. He’s training, he could feature on Saturday.

“I hope this gambling addition issue will help to save Sandro’s life as well as many other young guys affected by same problem.

“Sandro understood that he has to focus on this issue and face up to the gambling addition with a strong, determined approach”.

Gambling rules are strict in Italy with athletes banned from betting on their own sports.

Anyone found guilty of breaching them could face suspensions of up to three years.

However, cooperating with the investigation could help one secure a lesser sentence.

The Mail Online claimed that while there were initial suggestions that Tonali bet on matches involving his former club AC Milan, the player is insistent that he only played online games such as poker and blackjack.

The publication also alleged that more than 40 players are suspected of being embroiled in the same betting scandal.

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