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Roy Keane's brutal response after Gary Neville reveals he wastes '98 minutes a week' on mundane habit

Roy Keane's brutal response after Gary Neville reveals he wastes '98 minutes a week' on mundane habit

Keane wasn't having any of Neville's moaning.

Gary Neville was shot down by Roy Keane after he revealed what he 'wasted' 98 minutes a week doing.

Former Manchester United midfield enforcer Keane has earned a reputation for being the grump of football punditry, but he had no time for Neville's latest pet peeve.

During the latest episode of Sky Bet's Stick to Football podcast, former Arsenal striker Ian Wright quizzed Neville on a recent LinkedIn post.

Neville uploaded a video in which he admitted his frustration with the phrase "I hope you're well," which people often send at the beginning of texts and emails.

Wright asked: "Gary, what was this I saw about you and 'hope you're well' in a video? Because I always do 'hope you're well', what's wrong with that?"

Neville replied: "So I basically send around 20 texts a day as an example, and I always write 'Hi so-and-so, hope you're well.'

"But when did that start? Because that wasn't always a thing?"

Wright argued that it's just a nice thing to say, before Jamie Carragher asked Neville to estimate how many minutes a day he spends typing the greeting.

Neville answered: "I predicted 14. But if you times that by seven that's 98 minutes a week! Times that by a month and a year, you're spending a couple of days a year saying 'Hope you're well'."

When Neville asked Keane if he uses the phrase, he didn't receive the validation he was hoping for.

His former United teammate shot him down by saying: "Yeah I think so. I do... but not to you."

Wright was genuinely baffled by Neville's rant, saying: "For you to sit down and do a video talking about it I thought 'Is he well?'"

Neville insisted that the nicety is a recent phenomenon, but perhaps he - rather than Keane - should be regarded as the biggest grouch in football broadcasting.

Gary Neville, Roy Keane, Ian Wright and Jamie Carragher were speaking on the Stick to Football podcast, brought to you by Sky Bet.

Featured Image Credit: Stick to Football podcast / Getty

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