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Jack Grealish reveals which Man City teammate is "the craziest guy he's ever met"

Jack Grealish reveals which Man City teammate is "the craziest guy he's ever met"

He revealed which team-mate is the craziest.

Jack Grealish admitted that one of his Manchester City teammates is the “craziest guy” he’s ever met.

Despite a middling start to the Premier League campaign, City continue to be heralded among the world’s best teams.

Last week, the Manchester outfit were crowned Club World Cup winners after a 4-0 victory over Brazilian outfit Fluminense.

Their success is partly credited to Pep Guardiola’s genius, their Saudi Arabian ownership’s riches and the good atmosphere in the team.

And Grealish, one of the squad’s more colourful characters, has revealed that one of his teammates is among the most crazy people he’s ever met.

Speaking to ex-Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster for Amazon Prime, Grealish said of City shot-stopper Ederson: “He’s crazy you know? He’s a crazy geezer. But I think that helps him, the way he is.

Grealish continued: “He’s so calm, but then off the pitch he’s just like, he’s just mad, honestly.

“Like we’ll be walking through a door and, I saw him do it the other week and I was like ‘what the -’.

“Obviously the doors are this high [gestures far above his head], and we’re walking through the hotel to go to a meeting.

“Bearing in mind I’ve got the stiffest hamstrings ever, and we’re just walking and he went and kicked the [top of] the door. Bearing in mind the doors like here, like the top of it, and he would just kick it.

“And then in training he would just be walking around blasting balls. He’s just crazy, he’s the craziest guy I’ve ever met. Honestly, he’s just mad.

“He’s obviously got the whack to the other side to the other side of the pitch, but his pass appreciation for a keeper…

“Say he’s there and Kyle Walker is here, the manager is so big on pass appreciation. For you to pass it into someone’s path so they can go.

“And Ederson every time - he doesn’t give it to Kyle here so has to take a touch, stop and look. Every time it’s in his path and we’re just away.

“It’s frightening man, honestly. And he’s got one of the best penalty kicks I’ve ever seen as well.”

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