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Footage shows Felipe Melo and Jack Grealish altercation during Club World Cup medal ceremony

Footage shows Felipe Melo and Jack Grealish altercation during Club World Cup medal ceremony

A new video has emerged from the Club World Cup final clash between Manchester City and Fluminense at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium.

A video has surfaced of Felipe Melo exchanging verbals with Jack Grealish during Friday night's Club World Cup final ceremony at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, Jeddah.

Manchester City added another piece of silverware to their trophy cabinet this week, as goals from Julian Alvarez [2], Phil Foden and Nino [OG] sealed a straightforward victory against Copa Libertadores champions Fluminense.

Pep Guardiola's men looked in control for large spells of Friday's showpiece event in Saudi Arabia but tempers flared at full-time, when Kyle Walker was involved in a heated altercation with former Brazil international Felipe Melo.

Walker could be seen grappling with the former Juventus, Galatasaray and Inter Milan midfielder before several players tried to drag the pair apart.

Melo, however, would later point the finger at Grealish for what happened. In fact, he would call Grealish's actions "disrespectful" in a statement.

Image credit: Getty
Image credit: Getty

After the game, he explained: “I've already seen on social media idiots saying that I started a mess just as the idiots said that I started the mess with the goal that Gremio scored.

“In the game against Gremio, I calmly went to ask the athlete celebrating with their fans. And they ended up creating a mess. And I didn't want a mess. Today Grealish was disrespectful towards the Fluminense institution and I will never let that happen.

“He was shouting ole at the end of the game. This is for the fans, the fans can shout ole. The athlete on the field cannot be disrespectful towards the institution.

“So, for the idiots who call themselves journalists and have already said that I started trouble, I didn't start any confusion, on the contrary, I went to defend Martinelli, who was being cornered by this athlete. And I would do it again. I am a warrior.”

Grealish soon played down claims he was shouting 'Ole' in a bid to taunt the opposition at full-time, saying: “Not once did I say ‘ole’”.

And since the incident occured, footage has emerged from the trophy ceremony, where Melo can be seen exchanging words with Grealish as Fluminense players were applauded for their efforts.

You can watch the clip below.

Kyle Walker has also reacted to the incident. He posted a picture of his scuffle with Melo on Instagram alongside the caption: "No one starts on my Jack."

Featured Image Credit: X/@propsciteh - Getty Images

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