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Micah Richards reveals his most 'embarrassing' training incident that Liverpool's Mo Salah got away with

Micah Richards reveals his most 'embarrassing' training incident that Liverpool's Mo Salah got away with

Micah Richards opened up on his "most embarrassing" training incident, which involved Liverpool star Mo Salah at Fiorentina.

Micah Richards has revealed his most "embarrassing" training incident and how Mo Salah was let off the hook.

The former Manchester City defender spent a brief period on loan at Fiorentina in the 2014/15 season, playing 19 times in all competitions.

He became teammates with Salah, who was sent on loan to La Viola from Chelsea after struggling to make the grade at Stamford Bridge.

They arrived in Florence in the same period and adapted to living in a new culture.

Although he got the basics of certain football phrases, Richards struggled with the Italian language and one of his early training sessions left hime extremely confused.

He could not pick up a basic training drill and ended up getting rinsed by his teammates.

Richards claims that Salah also got it wrong but did not receive the same reaction.

Speaking on the Rest is Football podcast, Richards said: "We were doing a possession-based thing - you might have one guy at the end of the pitch and another guy at the other end.

"You've got people in the middle of the possession but there's all different variations. It might be a one touch back, you might have to take two touches or you might have to switch with the person in the middle.

"The manager [Vincenzo] Montella was explaining something and I didn't have an absolute clue what was going on.

"The ball came to me and I just played it back and everyone was like, 'No, f*****g hell!'

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

"It was so embarrassing and the annoying thing was, Salah did the exact same thing on one of the things and no-one nothing."

On a previous episode of the podcast, Richards revealed his other Fiorentina mishap - which saw him foolishing follow Mario Balotelli's greeting advice and accidentally call his manager a "f*****g d***head".

He recalled: “I spoke to Balotelli to say ‘what should I say when I’m greeting someone?’

“He’s normally good,” Richards insisted, before revealing: “I go up to him [Montella], I shake his hand and say ‘testa di c***o’, which I think it means ‘you f*****g d***head’."

Featured Image Credit: Getty & The Rest is Football

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